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Without Hate & Anger, You Will Die!!

Do you know anyone who has not gotton angry about something? Even Jesus seemed to hate certain people
such as the money lenders. Even little innocent children say to mom & dad, "I HATE YOU!" I try hard not to lose my temper, but do at times. I hear things from other people about so&so or a certain group of people, and all of a sudden I find my self hating that group or person. I think mothernature has built in a survival instinct that makes it easy for us to hate & get angry.I once had a wonderful old priest as a patient, and he would come out with statements of hate or anger. It seems no one exists without having these feeling at one time or other!
What do you think? Are you able to live without losing your temper or hating, is anyone? I think if we could manage our hate & anger to only activate from things that happen to us personally, it would be a step in the right direction.Why should I hate someone because my government or a friend or relative,or a Religion says I should? I
know it will never happen, but wouldn't life be nice without hate & anger? Maybe it would be too dull & boring?


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Without anger and hate we couldn't appreciate being calm or loving as well.
Although anger might come in handy sometimes, I feel that most of the time it is counter-productive. Even if you are done wrong in a very obvious manner, getting angry will make you react in a spontanous matter withouth thinking things through. When someone is in a state of anger, he/she can't think properly to try and find a why out. Anger clouds you judgment, so the less angry we get the better for us.
Duo said:
Although anger might come in handy sometimes, I feel that most of the time it is counter-productive. Even if you are done wrong in a very obvious manner, getting angry will make you react in a spontanous matter withouth thinking things through. When someone is in a state of anger, he/she can't think properly to try and find a why out. Anger clouds you judgment, so the less angry we get the better for us.

With all due respect, I think thats a bit of bullspit.

I personally do not find my anger and hatred counter productive, nor does it drive me mindlessly to do foolish things.

My emotions dont fuel my reactions in daily life; I'm not that much of a drone and slave to my humanity, thank you.

HOWEVER, I do find that when I create music, and perform on stage, I am at my most energetic when I'm fueled with anger, and hatred; thereby giving people a much more exciting show to view. Arguably, that is a good thing, and undeniably, a productive thing.
Certainly we all have very different tolorances for stimulation, positive or negative, so it's probably best to avoid "us" and "we" type statements....For myself anyway, occasional periods of low grade frustration or resentment are enough to keep me on track in achieving what I'm after and a life full of hatred and anger would be a sign that what I was looking for might not be all I thought it was after all. :?
I'm trying really hard not to quote yoda here.......

Seriously, anger has its time and its place. As does everything.
You know, anger is just as good as happiness. It lets stress out, etc. I've read many articles about couples that argue/fight alot and that it means they have a strong relationship where they understand each other and actually love each other. I love my wife, of course, but we have our fights too and I think they bring us closer sometimes because it helps us come to understand each other, etc... Just my opinion and that doesn't mean we fight day and night either...just arguements that any couple would have, etc.

Did that make sense?
I Always Wondered....

which type of death has claimed more? Death by old age & sickness, or death by hate & anger? I guess both started about the time of Cain & Able?


some motivators of emotion....or demotivators.... :D


I couldn't find hate or anger.. :(

although I don't know how valid it is, I think that anger and hate came from the emotional condition of fear. People tend to hold unusual emotional content against things they fear, and what they fear can grow into anger and resentment against the fear, and sometimes draw the person to hate the thing(s) they fear...

for some people, their irrational fears can be so overwhelming that it becomes obsessive compulsive behavior, something that nobody wants! :eek:
Actually, I don't know whether I'd die without them... cause I never was without them... >.<; though I don't think it's something great...
I Think....

Mayura said:
Actually, I don't know whether I'd die without them... cause I never was without them... >.<; though I don't think it's something great...

I may die before I get to see a picture of you! I waited for the drawing too long, now I just must have a real picture of you, PLEASE!!


well... I drew the picture already! ^^ c'mon... that's when your imagination comes in! :D
Anyway, back on topic... as said... I think it's kinda hard to never in your whole life hate some one... even if it's just for like 2 min... ^^;
On Anger: What is involved, and how many asepcts to it ?

What a thought provking thread; I really like the topic, Frank.

Before going into the actual discussion of anger and it's neg./pos. values in life, a definition seems to be in order 'cause although the word anger may be easy to relate to, two persons might be talking about different aspects of anger which would make the talks interesting, but also frustrating in that messages wouldn't seem to get across, at least not in a precise way as a surgical doctor would be operating under instructions to fix up a vague, ambiguous organ such as "fix the intercamerial valve of the heart" when there may be more than one valve, and more than one way to fix it.

Distinctions such as the following come to mind which could have a bearing on the topic.
1) anger as emotion vs. action based on the emotion
2) anger as a thinking process vs. anger as a motivation priortizing other actions including the thought process vs. anger as a complete product of the thought process
3) unresolved anger as a source of stress vs. resolved anger as a catalyist to resolving a genuine problem
4) anger as a communicated message validating the social relationship vs. anger as a final announcement of dissolving a social relationship.
5) anger as a genuine message vs. anger as a prelude to violence that would follow vs. anger as an exucse for aggression or negative behavior after the fact
6) anger as part of a product of biological/social evolution vs. anger as a unique, personal experience of the individual
7) anger as something to be understood vs. anger as a label to glide over without genuine effort to understand a person's behavior
8) anger as an apology as when one says, "I wouldn't normally have said/done that, but that I was swept in my anger. And I apologise for that."
9) anger as a label to dismiss someone's view/behavior as undeserving
10) anger as a normal (average) emotional occurrence vs. anger as a repeating symptom of OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder vs. people having trouble experiencing anger
11) anger control; is that a valid subject, or is the notion totally contradictory in itself ? If valid, is it a skill that can/should be learned ?
12) anger control: is it just a conservatist or fascist idea to prevent general dissent or labor activist, anarchist, socialist, communist, terrorist conflict/assaualt/uprising ?

There should be more important distinctions that I missed, I apologise if some of the stuff overlapped or if I was repetitive.
Hey, it's interesting! :cool:

I think it's important to distinguish between anger and hate, though. I have often felt angry, but very, very, rarely felt what I would actually call real, full-blown hate.

For me personally, anger mostly stems out of feelings of powerlessness, not able to kick against the things that get to you. Mostly (and I'm not trying to sound smug and self-righteous, it's just the truth) I feel angry on behalf of someone else, not myself. But, there is also the flashpoint anger where you just totally lose it...

I don't like letting emotions cloud my judgement or affect my actions against my reasoning. But, I think that anger can be productive and useful. Like Winter, I can use anger to create things such as music, performance, paintings... But, this is in the context where anger is more controlled; you can feel it there, but if you are aware of it, then it can be useful, you can use it in the way you want... Where I think anger is bad is when it causes you to act without using your brain at all. This used to be a much bigger problem for me, I could get into such trouble! :sorry: because I have quick response reflex. This isn't a good thing - except in the situation of survival, it can be very useful if you are attacked for example.

However, hatred seems to me a different thing. It seems to me a more considered decision. Of course, in the heat of anger you can say and think that you hate someone... but is that real hatred I wonder? I would say real hatred is more calculated somehow and does not rely on anger to fan the flames. I think hatred is much more damaging than anger.

I think the difference is, anger is a natural emotional response that you can't help. Hatred is your decided response to your emotional feelings, arising from thoughts and decisions which you *can* control.

Personally, I think hatred is awful in what it does to the person hating. I hope I would never truly hate anyone, because in the end, I think it would damage me far more than I could ever damage them, and that would end in a victory of them over me.


BTW, who was it who said "Hatred is just a failure of the imagination"???
I believe that bottling up anger is bad for your health - you can feel it eating away at you. It doesn't have to come out violently. Just making my feelings known is usually enough to relieve any feelings of anger. I am much more prone to stress when I don't have a healthy release for my anger - video games help!

Who has seen the Simpsons where Homer gets those lumps because he is trying not to get angry? Or the Angry Dad comic book episode? (Or was that the same episode?) And there's the one about Ned Flanders 'diddlies', which it turns out it are his way of controlling his anger. :D

I agree with Kinsao that hate and anger are different, but I doubt that hate is considered. I see hate as an emotional response to something that affects us but is beyond our control. With emotional distance, or more knowledge and understanding it would probably become something more constructive.

The closest to hate I have come is with my last boss. I hated him because I was forced to control the anger he inspired in me, which made me stressed and frustrated - I felt powerless. Now I am out of that situation, I can see that pity is a more appropriate response, but this is only possible because of the emotional distance I now have.
Anger is a way of releasing bad feelings inside you. I think, anger was originally a way for the body to survive - when in stress, or other dangerous situation, we'd become angry, or scared, and when we're angry our bodies react more actively, we get more energetic, stronger, braver and our brains work faster (but sometimes without thinking about consequences... :relief: ) Thus, we could protect our families from whatever danger, mothers their kids, or we could fight, or flee from whatever danger we were facing. (I'm thinking about early stages of human) Even today, when we really don't (not most of the time at least) have to fight for survival in the way or very very early ancestors did, we still need to release emotions sometimes.

I'd say, people bottling (sp?) up their emotions inside, especially anger, are the most dangerous. I mean, they HAVE to explode sometime! I've met a couple of people who have been trying to be 'good persons' and never get mad - you know, like the hysteric parent who don't wanna scream at their spoiled kid but end up being really neurotic in an annoying way instead - but, not ever getting mad is to me no sign of you being a 'good person'. Getting pissed has nothing to do with you being evil in any way ( unless off course you get mad for no reason and hurt people while being mad ) ... we all need to let go sometimes, and throw some things around :relief: *threw her hairdryer into computer when it broke down* :relief: Or.. maybe not throw things around... I can tell you it's not a good idea... :eek:kashii:
I think it was in G.Green`s(sp?) "Doctor Fisher from Geneva". He said that the hatred is a destiny of weak and opressed, who feel the power of another one, but unable to set themselves free from it (reasons don`t matter)

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