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Province of Utrecht


The province of Utrecht is the smallest province of the Netherlands. It is the only province with Groningen to be named after a city.

It is bordered by North Holland and the Eemmeer in the north, Gelderland in the east and south, and South Holland in the south and west.

It has a surface area of 1,386 km˛, a population of 1,180,000 inhabitants. It is the 3rd most densely populated Dutch province after South Holland and North Holland.


In ancient times, Germanic tribes such as the Batavians and the Frisians lived in the region. The Romans extended their northern border to the Old Rhine, passing at Utrecht, under Emperor Claudius.

In the 3rd century, Germanic invasions forced the Romans to withdraw. The modern province was then annexed to the Kingdom of the Franks, then the Carolingian Empire.

Saint Willibrord of Northumbria converted the local Frisians to Christianity in the late 7th century, and founded the bishopric of Utrecht. The modern province has its roots in the prince-bishopric. Most of its history is therefore intricately linked to the history of the city and diocese of Utrecht.



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