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Photos of Belgian cathedrals, basilicas & collegiate churches Version française

Romanesque period : 11th & 12th Century

Collegiate church of Rochefort
Collegiate church of Rochefort , completed in 1041
Collegiate church of Nivelles
Collegiate church of Nivelles, completed in 1046
Collegiate church of Ciney
Collegiate church of Ciney, built in the 11th and 12th centuries
Cathedral of Tournai
Our Lady's Cathedral, Tournai, built between 1140 and 1255

Gothic period : 13th to 15th Century

Cathedral of Brussels
St. Michael and Gudula Cathedral, Brussels, built between 1226 and 1490
Cathedral of Ypres
St. Martin's Cathedral, Ypres, built between 1230 and 1370, rebuilt in 1918 after WWI damages
Cathedral of Liège
St Paul's Cathedral, Liège, built from 1240, completed in 1810
Cathedral of Mechelen
Cathedral of St. Rombold, Mechelen, built between circa 1250 and 1536
Collegiate church of Kortrijk
Collegiate church of Kortrijk, built around 1300, and rebuilt in 1382
Cathedral of Ghent
Cathedral of St. Bavo, Ghent, built between early 1300's and 1569
Collegiate church of Huy
Our Lady's Collegiate Church, Huy, built between circa 1311 and 1536
Cathedral of Antwerp
Our Lady's Cathedral, Antwerp, built between 1352 and 1481
Collegiate church of Dinant
Our Lady's Collegiate Church, Dinant, built between 1471 and 1472
Collegiate church of Mons
Collegiate church of Mons, built between 1450 and 1686

18th to 20th Century

Cathedral of Namur
St Albans Cathedral, Namur (Baroque), built between 1751 and 1767
Basilica of Koekelberg
National Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Koekelberg (Brussels) (Neo-Gothic & Art-Deco), built between 1905 and 1971

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