1. A

    E1b1b proto Illyrian haplogroup

    To explain the title immediately. My thesis is that the proto Illyrian haplogroup must have been the haplogroup E1b1b without a doubt, and there are several reasons. The Illyrians were a people that almost all ancient authors place on the territory of today's modern Albania. Taulanti, Parthini...
  2. Fatherland

    Albanians = Illyrian

    Let us clarify this once and for all. Albanians, Ghegs in particular, carry 90%+ of the old y-lineages of Illyrians: It seems people in here cannot deal with this fact, it is a large pill to swallow, yet it is the truth.
  3. HiveMindTerror

    Are South Slavs more Balkan Native than Slavic?

    I'm genuinely curious if this has been "decided" anywhere by credible researchers. South Slavs have a different stock of haplogroups than Northern Slavs, and cluster together rather than with other European groups. Clearly we're our own family-branch. Coincidentally the people with the highest...
  4. K

    Albanian AncestryDNA results

    Hello guys, I was born in Tirana, Albania ( and as far as i know all my ancestors are born in Albania ). I made my Ancestry DNA test and found out that i am 90% Mediterranean ( Southern Europe ), 5% Eastern Europe, 2% Caucasus, 2% Finnish and 1% Scandinavian. I uploaded my raw data on WeGene and...
  5. Balkanite

    New map of J-M241>L283 (J2b2)

    Hello folks, long time no see. A member of the albanian DNA project has created this map. He compiled all of the frequencies from nearly a hundred academic papers, covering the whole of Europe. I think it has turned out pretty nice actually.
  6. Johane Derite

    Living Dna vs 23andMe for Albanian?

    I have researched this quite a lot. I have read the FAQ and many testimonies. I know that LivingDna will let out 23andme compatible Raw data on June 10, and that their supposed "autosomal" depth will start getting better later in the year. And even after hearing all of this, I am still very...
  7. Fustan

    J2b2-L283 (proto-illyrian)

    This haplogroup is mostly found among Albanians, and seems to be most diverse there. J2b2-L283 was also found in Bronze Age croatia (and it's funny Macaiamo doesn't mention Albanians on the J2b2 page on Eupedia, there seems to be a strong bias on his part for some strange reason). Wondering if...
  8. Maciamo

    J2b as an IE lineages of the ancient Illyrians & Mycenaeans

    The new paper on the Genomic History of Southeastern Europe by Mathieson et al. identified the first ancient J2b2 sample in Europe. This sample was found in Middle Bronze Age southern Croatia, at Veliki Vanik and dates from 1700-1500 BCE. It has been proposed by archeologists that the...
  9. Abeis

    Illyrian and Albanian - a linguistic approach

    This thread purports to give a detailed overview on Albanian as being the sole survivor of Illyrian language(s). Much ink has been spilt in pinpointing the predecessor of modern Albanian. While there is an ongoing debate, I myself hold the view that Albanian is quite likely stemmed from...
  10. T

    Study on Muslim & Christian Balkan people

    Hi, new to Eupedia here. I've been looking online for a while now and cannot find a study that compares Muslim and Christian populations in terms of Y-DNA. I am from a Muslim village in a very mountainous part of Albania called Malesia and we have always lived with Christians nearby, despite not...
  11. D

    Pronunciations/Words used by Albanians in Macedonia (FYROM)

    Hi guys! Noticing alot of Albanians in these forums and people with good knowledge on linguistics I'd like some help on the following. Being from a village in the Polog Valley (Village name is Nerasht written about first by Greek/Byzantine travellers as Nerast/Narest in the 1300s). I have...
  12. N

    Germanic loanwords in Albanian

    Hello everyone, I recently read Vladimir Orels Albanian Etymological Dictionary. I noticed that there are some Germanic loanwords into Albanian, particularly from Gothic. A few of them are: Akull (ice) Loanword from jakulaz (icicle, glacier) burg (prison, stable)from *burg (borough, fenced)...
  13. Glauk


    Albanian folk music falls into three sylistic groups, with other important music areas around Shkodër and Tirana; the major groupings are the Ghegs of the north and southern Labs and Tosks. The northern and southern traditions are contrasted by the "rugged and heroic" tone of the north and the...
  14. Luan

    Albanian Autosomal DNA

    I have read a lot on here about Albanian origin and DNA with no sources or Science proof. I did a FTDNA Family Finder Autosomal test, and my result came out as 80% South East Europe- Tuscan 20% Europe- Basque, Finnish, French, Orcadian, Romanian, Spanish I also Had my result looked at by Dr...
  15. Dale Cooper

    Haplogroups in Albanians

    Hello, I'm opening this thread because I don't understand something when it comes albanians... I went on page from this site: And I agree with percentages shown on that link, everything is ok, but I don't understand one thing, and...
  16. B

    Alberto G. Areddu author of the book "Albanian Origins of Civilization in Sardinia”

    Alberto G. Areddu author of the book "Albanian Origins of Civilization in Sardinia” Interview with Professor Alberto G. Areddu author of the book "Albanian Origins of Civilization in Sardinia”. by Brunilda Ternova Prof. Alberto G. Areddu has been interested for years in the discipline...