1. KurdishAryan

    Did you know that Kurds(Kurdish PeoPle) are Europeans?

    hi guys.. here i want to tell you some informations about Kurds.. here: Kurds are a nation/PeoPle of " unofficial "Kurdia/Kurdistan state and "official " PeoPle of Kurdia/Kurdistan settlement area . Language: Kurdish ,is an indoeuroPean language. more info of kurdish language here ...
  2. edao

    List of Statistics

    Though it might be interesting to post various statistics for: • GDP per capita • Average Wage • Unemployment Rate • Human Development Index There is alot of talk about crisis in Europe, some times its better to stop listening to the talk and look at some hard numbers. :thinking:
  3. edao

    Should Europeans get involved in Libya?

    Yesterday the French, British and Americans have AGAIN gone to war. We have already seen from Iraq and Afghanistan that the politcal and cultural problems in the Arab world cannot be solved by taking a dicatator out of power and setting up some ballot boxes. What can "the West" possibly hope...
  4. edao

    Rise of China

    With the rise of China as an economic and political super-power, are you worried about the potential drop in your living standards? With the Austerity measures being unrolled across Europe and with the fudamental weaknesses still unresolved within the Euro-zone, some are wondering if Europe...
  5. E

    Will Ukraine join EU?

    Your opinion. Will Ukraine join EU?
  6. L

    Is Latin America Western?

    Is Latin America Western? Emily Monroy While surfing the Net recently, I came across a website that posed an interesting question: is Latin America Western or non-Western? Though the site did not give a definite “yes” or “no” to the question, it discussed some of the reasons why people might...
  7. L

    Astronomers discover new planet from another galaxy.

  8. edao

    European Future?

    Below are 3 senarios for the future of Europe, which option would you preffer? Option 1 A decade of very low growth and high unemployment all ‘round. The danger is that in a decade’s time, Europeans will be so thoroughly disillusioned with the European project that it will fall apart...
  9. edao

    Team Europe

    I have just seen footage of Europe winning the Ryder Cup and I was struck by the players all playing in blue with caddies having the EU flag over their shoulders. I have never seen any one compete as Europe before it was a bit bizarre. Is this team Europe a sign of things to come? Should the...
  10. S

    Haplogroup D in UK and Europe...

    Hi All I do not know too much about Genetics and the implications to my family, but I've done a YDNA test for my paternal line that is a little confusing - but fascinating at the same time - I just need someone with more knowledge to help me out. I know there may be no concrete answers... For...
  11. L

    Spain's FM Defends An EU-LAC Alliance "Without Paternalism"

  12. edao

    German Empire

    Has the EU turned into Germany's Empire? The Greek bailout is has highlighted the loss of sovereinty of member states and how much Germany is having a say in how various countries are being run. With talk of a more centralised fiscal policy are we seeing the final steps toward Germany's power...
  13. L

    European Forest Institute - Forest Map of Europe.

    Calibrated Total Forest Map of Europe Calibrated Broadleaf Forest Map of Europe Calibrated Coniferous Forest Map of Europe For a wider information: EFI Annual reports: EFI
  14. L

    Peru to Question Chile?s ?Arms Build-Up? in the EU/Latam Madrid Summit

    Peru to Question Chile’s “Arms Build-Up” in the EU/Latam Madrid Summit The Peruvian government’s claim that Chile is undergoing a tremendous arms build-up has once again come to the forefront of Latin American international relations...
  15. edao

    European Anthem

    What are your opinions on the European anthem? Do you have any better choices? This might not be a good anthem choice, but one of my favourite pieces.
  16. R

    EU and me

    Having had many thoughts about Europe and the EU and what the future of Europe will look like, in the last few days I have put together a film in which I try and express what my thoughts on the EU are, in particular in regards to the integration of European people. I would like to share this...