Ancient Pannonians and Ancient Illyrians....I2 and E-V13

During rule of princeps Nero (54. – 68. AD) in province Illyricum Superior/Dalmatia was carried out census of local populations, which results one can find in Pliny the Elder (Naturalis Historia, III, 141. - 143). In tables from article "Plinijevske peregrinske civitates na prostoru današnje Bosne i Hercegovine“ Vjesnik za arheologiju i povijest dalmatinsku, Vol.104, Split, 2011, p. 68. it is estimated population size of many of civitates peregrinae in this province. These numbers show that this population could not be totally replaced with Slavs and Avars during VII. century AD., and that I2 is not only slavic.
This article can be found at academia profile of professor Mesihović Salmedin, who is author.
Late Roman era population of Dacia,thrace and Illyria was several millions.
The slavicist theory that the slavic tribes, that couldnt be more than few tens of thousands replaced the local population is simply idiotic.
Beyond idiotic.
Most I2 is sure, some however(albeit few) is in fact related with either Germanic I2 or possibly relic I2 from the Balkans that managed to survive among Albanians, Greeks and Bulgarians. The percentages though are pretty slim and don't make up anymore than potentially 5 percent of I2 cases(I don't know the exact breakdown).

The problem is we have too few whole genome sequenced tests to be sure how recent or far back some clades in typically "Slavic" Y-DNA are related. There could potentially be some relic R1a/I2a from "Proto-Slavs" that were assimilated/moved earlier than the migration era events.

I recall people saying I2a1b-Din was "Illyrian" on the silly basis of its geographical spread in the regions we know as "Illyricum". Which of course changed over the course of the last 6 years with new evidence. However, considering Slavs and Germanics bordered each other, its not too far out the realm of possibility to propose some cross assimilation between the two occurred. As is the case for such cross assimilation between Proto-Albanians/Proto-Greeks etc.

I hope after that major study in Central Europe coming up that we can get something of similar level/funding for the Balkans.
yful trees and dating isnt science, buddy.
They are based on a Russian dating formula(not surprizing as yful is a russian company too), which is self is another extrapolation.
My Haplogroup is E-FTA50192 they seemed to have stayed in and around current day Austria and neighboring countries for many millennia before going north to Baltics in late iron age and then Belgium and into UK during roman times I'm unsure if with Celts or Romans. I'm not sure if my branch would of considered themselves more Illyrian, Celtic, or Germanic...

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