1. EV13SON

    United Balkan States?

    Would any Balkan countries ever consider uniting under a Federal government? Is there any sense of unity between any of the Balkan countries? Are they all satisfied with their current boundaries? Not that I want to give anyone ideas especially in these crazy times :laughing...
  2. A

    E1b1b proto Illyrian haplogroup

    To explain the title immediately. My thesis is that the proto Illyrian haplogroup must have been the haplogroup E1b1b without a doubt, and there are several reasons. The Illyrians were a people that almost all ancient authors place on the territory of today's modern Albania. Taulanti, Parthini...
  3. Jovialis

    Why do native Iron Age Balkanites plot over modern Italians?

    Distance to: Protovillanovan_IA:R1:Antonio_2019 3.50880321 C7-Mausole_di_Augusto_Late_Antiquity:R33:Antonio_2019 3.55522151 Croatia_EMBA:I4332:Mathieson_2018 3.74988000 Hungary_BA:I7043:Olalde_2018 4.09436198 Croatia_EMBA:I4331:Mathieson_2018 4.73285326 Szolad43:Amorim_2018...
  4. K

    mtDNA T2a1a

    Hi guys, I tested with 23adnMe and got mtDNA T2a1a and paternal I-P109. Both my parents are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, with mom's maternal side from area of Split, Dalmatia in Croatia and has been there for at least 5-6 generations. Both of these haplogroups are rare for that region...
  5. Archetype0ne

    G2a - What are the current hypotheses? What is the consensus?

    I was searching Eupedia for G2a and most of the threads are very old, with very little recent discussion. I was wondering if any member is familiar with the history of G2a and the current* consensus? I am more specifically interested in G2a-M406. Any information helping we understand this...
  6. Jovialis

    Exceptionally high levels of lead pollution in the Balkans

    Significance A detailed record of historical lead (Pb) pollution from a peat bog in Serbia provides a unique view on the extent and timing of Balkan mining and metallurgy. Evidence of the earliest European environmental pollution is followed by large-scale and sustained increases in the amount...
  7. N

    Ancient Pannonians and Ancient Illyrians....I2 and E-V13

    Classical Greco-Roman autors (eg Livius, Strabo, Velleius Paterculus, Plinius Maior, Tacitus in Germania, Appianus, Cassius Dio ... etc ...) mention particular ethnic community in the Western Balkans, the Pannonian basin and central Europe as Pannonians (Παννόνιοι; Pannonii). As Pannonians...
  8. JajarBingan

    Southeast Europe: Neolithic to Modern days transition

    I put together a PCA map, which documents the autosomal profile of the released academic samples who are relevant to Southeast Europe. This is the timeline of how your ancestors looked like from an autosomal POV during different time periods. We are missing a lot of data still, but some...
  9. HiveMindTerror

    Are South Slavs more Balkan Native than Slavic?

    I'm genuinely curious if this has been "decided" anywhere by credible researchers. South Slavs have a different stock of haplogroups than Northern Slavs, and cluster together rather than with other European groups. Clearly we're our own family-branch. Coincidentally the people with the highest...
  10. A

    Haplogroup subclade R1b1a2a~2/R1b-PF7558 (R1b-PF7562, R1b-PF7563) in Italy

    Can someone give me the rundown/history on these subclades and explain their prevalence in Southern Italy/Sicily? I just ran a Morley prediction report via my 23andMe test, and this was the most likely prediction. I also ordered the Y37 test from FTDNA and as well. I had done...
  11. JajarBingan

    Global 10 nMonte with Ancients: My results

    I played around with nMonte and Global 10. Managed to get some pretty small distances in the end. Though, we need Bronze Age and Iron Age genomes from Southeastern Europe for a better accuracy. Background (results with commercial calculators): 23andme FTDNA MyHeritage DNA Land Global...
  12. Maciamo

    New page dedicated to the genetics of Starcevo–Körös–Cris culture

    I have created a new page dedicated to the genetics of Starcevo–Körös–Cris culture, which represents the advance of Near Eastern Neolithic farmers from Anatolia to Southeast Europe. As usual, I have also included a summary of the cultural and socio-economic features relating to that...
  13. O

    Brachycephaly..zation of the Steppe by 4500BC.

    There is new paper out on Nature from Ron Pinhasi group. So, the part that is new and relevant in my opinion is essentially that it states that Mesolithic steppe populations (or Ukraine for that matter) were not Brachychephalic but Typolie and...
  14. Bosnian Boss

    Genetic information for Bosnia and Herzegovina?

    Hello again! If somebody would be so willing as to provide a summary on the genetics of Bosnians (all 3 major ethnicities), it would be greatly appreciated! :good_job: I've done some research on my own and have seen conflicting or sparse data, as the region is overlooked, as per usual. Outside...
  15. Maciamo

    New map of haplogroup J2b (M102)

    After E-V13 it was only natural that I should follow with the map of J2b, the other major South Balkanic lineage with Neolithic ties. The distribution is actually quite similar to E-V13, apart from a lower incidence in Slavic countries, but that may just be because E-V13 is found at a ratio of...
  16. Maciamo

    New distribution map of Y-DNA haplogroup E-V13

    After E-M81, here is the map of the E-V13 subclade. The distribution of the two haplogroups don't match at all, except in Iberia. E-V13 is clearly linked to the Thessalian Neolithic and its offshoots, such as the Linear Pottery (LBK) culture. It was also part of the Cardium Pottery Culture, as...
  17. Kotroman

    Haplogroup I1 in Herzegovinians, Montenegrins and Kosovar Albanians

    I think that the new map of the distribution of haplogroup I1 in Europe should be changed a little bit. According to the genetic studies of Oxford Journals, Molecular Biology and Evolution High-Resolution Phylogenetic Analysis of Southeastern Europe Traces Major Episodes of Paternal Gene Flow...
  18. Kotroman

    Y-DNA haploroups in Montenegro?

    Isn't there some genetic research of the Montenegrin population? If there is, couldn't the adminstrator write those down and include them on the list of the Y-DNA haplogroups in "Distribution of European Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) haplogroups by country in percentage"?
  19. Dorianfinder


    Who is eligible Anyone who: has 23andMe or Family Finder autosomal data, is not related to any other Project participants, has 4 grandparents from the same African, European, or Asian ethnic group or country (e.g., 4 Albanian grandparents, 4 grandparents born in Ethiopia, 4 Kazakh...