K12 Autosomal map : Southwest Asian admixture (from Dodecad)

Let's continue the series of autosomal maps. Here is the Southwest Asian admixture, which has a strong Semitic component to it, and correlates best with Y-haplogroups J1 and to a lower extent T.

It's interesting that the Northeast Iberians almost completely lack this admixture while all Germanic people have it. It is nearly absent from the Baltic people, lower than 1% in most Slavs except Ukrainians and southern Russians and of course Balkan Slavs.


The Unfield culture that originated in the Southwest Balkans, and its descendant cultures such as Jastorf, might explain the SW component in Germanic peoples and its descendant cultures but not Basque country. People mistakenly believe that Urnfield was a product of Tumulus, it was not. Urnfield slowly eclipsed Tumulus with a new warrior class (Balkans), new religion and new technology. Urnfield may have been pre-Proto-Germanic where it survived in the Jastorf area where it later became Proto-Germanic. In other words, the SW Asian component was never 'necessarily' part of populations with high representation of R1b. Perhaps the nucleus of R1b was further East, such as Iranian Mountains where the admixture had not yet spread. One last point, looking at the lack of SW in Basque/Iberians we are again faced with the direct settlement of Western Europe via water, not land, by R1b people. Of course that is assuming, as Dienekes suggested, that there isn't some sort of simple male bias thing going on being such a small population.
TB Urnfield(1,300-750bc) was decended of Tumulus. and is very central European it is what most likely spread R1b1a2a1a2b S28 and with it it spread to Italy with Italian languages. It is also the father of Hallstat Celtic then la Tene culture which spread R1b S28 even more. How would Urnfield be proto Germanic when Germanic marker R1b1a2a1a1 S21 us estimates as 4,000-5,500y years old at least 1,000 years before Urnfield even began. Plus Germanic speakers were stuck in far northern Europe and made major migrations starting in about 700bc. While Hallstat Celts dominated most of modern Germany and areas of Urnfield. You theory has a lot of holes in it. When you say R1b I thi9nk you should name the subclade because there are so many different people with y DNa R1b.
Hi Maciamo. Did you come across any data from Crete? I wonder if Cretans have the same southwest Asian admixture as mainland Greeks, especially northern Greeks. I have searched the Dodecad project's reference population and I cannot identify the origin of the Greeks included in there. In general, Cretans are surprisingly missing from the major calculators of both the Dodecad and the Eurogenes projects.

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