Politics Catalonia may become an independent nation soon...

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Inés Arrimadas winner of the last Catalan regional elections.

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A new Spanish region will be born, its name is Tabarnia.


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Satellite night view of Tabarnia. In Tabarnia is where there is a greater concentration of population with origin in other Spanish regions, Galician, Andalusian, Extremadura e.t.c. and they have done a great job and have worked hard to create Tabarnia.

Now Catalonia plunder Tabarnia, in Tabarnia more taxes are paid and one vote of Catalonia counts more than one of Tabarnia due to the electoral law. Freedom for Tabarnia !!!
La solución ya está aplicada: el artículo 155 de la Constitución española.

Greetings from Tabarnia
It seems that there is no way to find a collective solution.

Take into account that you are being cheated by fake news, aka misinformation. You can check this map to look at local votes:


you can see the difference with the one posted before where red has a high intensity and more widespread? as if pro-Spain vote would be more strong than it is?

In this case and in others you might take caution about fake news; in this case we have an state capable to beat people going to vote in a referendum (even if the vote was no), jailing Catalan leaders in Madrid (700 km afar from their families, double punishment), and bombarding all day long in their media that everything wrong is responsability of nationalists; they try to create a kind of artificial Ulster in Catalonia injecting hate into Spaniards with their media and now with this joke of Tabarnia they seem to set another fake justification. To leave Spain is a matter of physical and mental health now, who can wish to share the same country with Goebbels-like fascists?

Shame on Europe, it's their complice.
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Tabarnia, Tabarnia, Tabarnia es una realidad. Tabarnia es integradora, realista, pro europea, democrática, sincera, verdadera, trabajadora, fiel. Tabarnia quiere y se siente orgullosa de ser española.

Tabarnia libre!

Tabarnia no es una broma, va muy en serio.
Hahahaha if Catalan Independence ever comes then Tabarnia would follow XD. My gosh it's like a domino now is it. It's Thanks to Barcelona that Catalonia is the richest region in Spain.

Hey Carlos Aimgo, you live in Barcelona/Tabarnia??
Hello friend, well the richest region of Spain is Madrid. Sincerely since all this mess has started, more than three thousand companies have left Catalonia and are located mainly in Madrid and other regions of Spain. To your question, yes I am from Tabarnia, I am a Tabarnese. We are more productive and we are the ones that pay the most taxes to Catalonia, and we want to continue being Spanish, of course.


The flight of companies from Catalonia affects 3,160 companies between 1-O and 22-D

A total of 3,160 companies have moved their headquarters in Catalonia to other regions of Spain since the referendum on October 1, according to data from the College of Registrars. Last Friday, December 22, the last day with available data, 21 more companies escaped.
Marlene Wind

The Danish teacher Marlene Wind becomes an idol on Twitter and all Spanish media.




The list is endless, covers magazine covers, newspapers, dozens of articles e.t.c.

Marlene has stolen the hearts of the Spaniards, we love you Marlene.
watch video


Puigdemont the fugitive of the Spanish justice makes the ridiculous one more time, in this occasion in a Danish university. Long live Denmark!

"apalizan"? they beat? your source is dreaming a periodistic punch as a beating? for that much better 100 of your frends

for the ridicolous you might see what Zoido, the Home Affairs Secretary said in an interview: "he couldn't cross the border by helicopter, boat or inside a trunk", he was speaking about a serial killer? about Kim Jong Il entering Spain with a nuclear device? no, he was speaking about the former and reelected Catalan president, the political refugee Puigdemont; I don't ask what was done with Schengen treaty but why Spanish policemen are looking now at sewers near the Catalan parliament, checking little aerodromes in Central Catalonia, or increasing their numbers in the frontiers. Maybe you can catch how it's all it ridicolous? It's the evidence that the state that you try to keep it's in its final phase, in fact Spain is a dead body since 2010 as it's natural death would be an URSS-like desintegration, but EU is feeding yet PIGS and by that is going on yet... but only for few years more, as the basic problem is unsolved, your extractive/corrupt elites are on the top getting the most for them and their banck partners (some euros forgiven?), plus their Calderón partners doing highways and high velocity train tracks going to nowhere (which are or will be used by some tourists), being hired thereafter by their same partners to win a lot more of my/your/Spanish/Catalan/European money by their favours working almost nothing all day long. And now this pseudofascist phase which reminds me Maduro's republic, where all economic problems are of course caused by the evil "opposition" and their USA friends, but here changing opposition for Catalans and USA for Russia/Putin. You can retake now your divulgation of disinformation, but you are advised that your state in it's final phase, you are losing time and effort.

go to minute 1:05, she recognizes that she was there to provoke, the intention would be to get more attention over her, more TV share, more money, it's the final motivation for her. Well, it's her job and her ethics. He is not wishing 200 little countries in Europe? maybe she wishes so unite little Denmark with big Germany so? no? hypocrisy then, lack of ethics again. But she is nothing in comparision with the European Union president Junker, he did something similar but being president of all Europeans, he might try to solve a conflict instead to side only the Spanish goverment, he said that it wouldn't be acceptable to have 100 countries in Europe, he thought also in his country, Luxembourg? again hypocrisy, but with much less ethics as being the president of all Europeans he got his wage, he won the Premio Princesa de Asturias, if I remember well it's worth 50000 euros. The problem here is showing many roten aspects in Spain and also in EU: his own president is ready to work for the best payer. If the 3rth Reich would be today ruling such Danish journalist and Junker would be good servers of the nazi propagandist machine, a lack of ethics or morality is what any fascist would like to find out. In fact your elites are exporting this insane corruption, maybe you remember the former president Aznar helping Bush in his Iraq war? delivering to such war Spanish ships? what was the profit for Spain? 200 Spaniards death by terrorist attacks in trains of Madrid done by Al-Qaeda and Aznar doing conferences 9000 dollars / hour in several USA universities with his deficitary English, only the money won by him is in Spain, the death people and the milions of euros expended in the war are gone now; or you can remember the former Defense secretary Carme Chacón, and again helping USA with its war agains the talibans in Afganistan? she was more smart, she was teaching in an university of Miami (all days sun and beach), wining dollars only for that? but in this case the money won by her was not profited as she died at 42, again also the money expended in Afganistan was lost. Do you know which name has a country that provides goods for an empire without anything in exchange? colony. Your elite is so roten that it they will spread it to all Europe if it they continue to thrive.

The article is very good. Already Tabarnia begins to be known worldwide. But I would like to clarify or clarify several aspects that are sometimes difficult for a foreigner to understand.

Tabarnia already has its flag. In Spain each region has its flag, within the region each province has its flag, within the province each small or large town has its flag.

Tabarnia wants to continue belonging to Spain. It is not that Tabarnia and a hypothetical independence of Catalonia showed its adhesion to the King of Spain but under its Tabarian flag, because it is already Spain. Simply clarify this concept.

Tabarnia you do not want to be a new country, Tabarnia feels Spanish unlike Tractoria (tractor) that you have raised the flights and if you believe and dream of being a new country, is the difference of Tabarnia with Tractoria.
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Even pro-Spain parties are not taking seriously this Mediterranean Ulster idea. Come on and found a new party for the freedom of Tabarrina, maybe it receives votes from other freakies, I would like to see it. By the way you don't know what is Spain and much less Catalonia, the big majority of 2 million of Spaniards migrating to Catalonia in the 60-70 have taken Catalonia as a kind of second fatherland, but voting mainly pro-Spain parties; maybe you are capable to think what will happen in 15-20 years when they will leave us?
Saimaza, Marcilla is a Dutch company that distributes its products in Spain.

I was drinking Marcilla coffee myself:

Here is the proof:
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When last weekend Xavier Mitjavila, general manager in France of the Dutch company Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE), posted on his Facebook wall (today already deleted) a message calling Spain "Fascist State", nobody in Saimaza and Marcilla, two of the brands that the company markets in Spain, thought what was coming.

Does Saimaza really believe that Spain is a fascist state?

What kind of Europe is this?

So as of Monday I stop buying that coffee brand and I'll look for an Italian or Spanish coffee brand.

If Saimaza prefers the independentistas who know that they are very stingy people and little consumerist, the Tabarnese are consumerist by nature like the rest of Spain, but if they prefer the independentistas who buy the coffee the independentistas.

I really must have been born in the United States, I really had to have when I was 17 to work at that farm in the United States and learn English in return, now it's too late.

The companies that dedicate themselves to manufacture products and not to play with the nations making statements of maximum gravity as in this case.

Since this thread was opened on 6-6-18 until today's date 12-2-19 we have the beginning of the oral hearing of the trial for misappropriation of public funds, rebellion and sedition.

Some of the accused may not be prosecuted for being refugees or being freely by EU partner countries such as Belgium, Switzerland or Germany

REBELLION (Article 472 of the Criminal Code)

SEDITION (Article 544 of the Criminal Code)

MALVERSATION (Article 432 of the Penal Code)


Spain, also called the Kingdom of Spain, is a transcontinental country, member of the European Union, constituted as a social and democratic State of law and whose form of government is the parliamentary monarchy. Its territory, with capital in Madrid, is organized into seventeen autonomous communities, formed in turn by fifty provinces, and two autonomous cities.

Anyway later accounts are rendered and Spain does not return certain defendants claimed by some of these countries.

Catalonia may become an independent nation soon

I can see them becoming obsolete for some schools, but I think the very selective schools need as many things to differentiate kids as possible because all the kids who apply there have great grades and ECs.
The Catalan situation is quite an interesting one, from a History point of view. The recent developments show a break up of the status quo in Spain that "anything could be discussed, if there is no violence". Catalan independentists have accepted their defeat in the elections for close to 40 years. Now, after winning elections, this promise is clearly broken: politicians in jail for their political ideas, exile for the same reason, hundreds of people beaten by the police with a massive use of force, just for the willingness to vote ...

From a History point of view, these events show Spain has not changed at all in these regards. The motto "Barcelona has to be bombed every 50 years" remains. Spanish nationalism is violent and totalitarian, and it does not accept any change to its extreme rigidity.

The good thing is that now Catalans know that. The bad thing is we know it is going to be difficult.

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