Politics Catalonia may become an independent nation soon...

Farstar... what an amount of falacies you wrote... it´s incredible and it´s another sympton of the mass hysteria in Catalonia.

Since 1978 Galicia, Catalonia and Basque Country have reached an incredible level of autonomy in every item you could name... We have never had such a "self-way" autonomy before that year. Catalonia and Basque Country never conformed a political unity (and never independent) and Galicia only in small periods very far in time.

I am galician and I feel myself galician first than spanish. I believe in the right to self-determination of peoples. But what nationalist catalonians did in the Catalonian Parlament in september, 6-7th 2017 showed me what dangerous and harmful is the nationalist ideology. I lived those days as the arise of the fascism in Catalonia, the catalonian nationalists imposing his will to the catalonian not nationalists. By now, the problem is not between "Spain" and "Catalonia", the current problem is between catalonian nationalists (and even between them), who are trying to impose their will, and catalonian not nationalists, who are trying to prevent the imposement.

Catalan independentists won the elections (number of chairs in the Parlament), but not the number of individual votes in any case.
Some politicians are in jail just because they broke several and important laws. So they are politicians in jail because of their facts, not because of their ideas. In Spain you can even have terrorist ideas like some Basques and you can have a chair in a Parlament if enough people elect you. And this is a fact.
Some catalanist politicians have exiled because they could be jailed for the actions they did, never because of their ideas. And they run like rats, abandoning their "partners".
When you do illegal things, there are always consequences.
I saw (and see) Catalonia these days like early 1930´s in Germany, the arise of the darkest side of a society. And we are talking about a educated and advanced society, like German on those days.

I have to say that, as galician, I feel those events like far, alien and strange. In Spain there is a Constitution voted in 1978, and massive and positive voted by Catalonians that year. If Catalonians want to change their status, the Constitution has to be changed. What it is completely imposible is a Goverment who breaks the Constitution to allow something it is illegal, because Constitution is the main law of an State.

We can write silly stuff here for days, months or years, but the facts are all over there... and you can only cheat people who are not enough informed.

Catalonia these days is doing a frightening ridiculous, it´s incredible the tremendous decrease of trustworth this process has caused in everything around Catalonia. You have shot your own foot. It´s amazing to see farmers of Lleida claiming for independence knowing the first day after independence they will be completely ruined. Mass hysteria, people without brains.

I think Catalonia will never be independent until spaniards became seriously annoyed by catalonians. Independence has not enough support in the Catalonian population, Catalonian nationalists have not enough allies, have not balls (Portugueses had) and all Catalonians have too many things to loose. Surely you know that song sang by Janis Joplin: "freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose"...

I always admired Catalonia and catalonians... today all that admiring became contempt. Your way to seem ridiculous is the winner in all my knowledge, you did it in 1640 and because of your fault Spain and Catalonia lose Rosellón and Cerdaña in favour of France.
Is it accepted in this forum to describe a person as a rat?

Some catalanist politicians have exiled because they could be jailed for the actions they did, never because of their ideas. And they run like rats, abandoning their "partners".
So... is that the only thing you say about my post? are you another "offended"? there are so many of that kind nowdays... This is the truth... a few standed and asumed the consequences, many others escaped like rats.

Bye, it's a shame when I read things like you wrote. You are a LIAR, and I repeat, I am Galician first than Spanish and I believe in the right of the peoples for freedom, but Catalonian independentists have became another face of fascism.

In Galician we say "que cada can lamba a súa caralla"... they broke very important laws, so they have to pay for it. Just when a man steals a car or kills someone... PAY.

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