K12b Dodecad K12b - Maltese results

When I was at 23andMe I made notes of my Relative List Y chromosome haplogroups and surname. I did that to see how much non paternal events occurred in Maltese people. I found few anomalies which could have been NPE or a freed slave taking their old master's name or a foundling given a surname or a foreigner who decided to assume a Maltese surname. I only know one surname that is E-V13, it is also the name of a village. I don't know every haplogroup with every surname, just the ones that appeared in my Relative List, and 23andMe gave basic haplogroup information.

Examples: Micallef, and Vella are both I-M223, Portelli is R-M417, Galea is R-M269, Camilleri is J-M172. I found another surname that is E-V13, it starts with S, and often confused in marriage records with a surname that starts with Z.

One thing I found out from dna testing is I thought I was from Malta, but I found one of my great great..grandmothers was Gozitan and because of her on Ancestry, most of the Maltese people I get are of Gozitan stock, they have a lot of cousin marriages.

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