ENGLISH EXPERT CLAIMS: Yugoslavia would be world power, and Belgrade-Europe's capital

Styll seeing Nazis everywhere? I'm sure there is a name for this disorder, lol.

Yep, I"m disordered, and you're normal when supporting high nazi officers revamping. Funny people here. This is Europe 1997:


The old fascist marching songs were sung, a moment of silence was observed for all who died defending the fatherland, and the gathering was reminded that today was the 57th anniversary of the founding of Croatia's Nazi-allied wartime government. Then came the most chilling words of the afternoon.

''For Home!'' shouted Anto Dapic, surrounded by bodyguards in black suits and crew cuts.
''Ready!'' responded the crowd of 500 supporters, their arms rising in a stiff Nazi salute.

The call and response -- the Croatian equivalent of ''Sieg!'' ''Heil!'' -- was the wartime greeting used by supporters of the fascist Independent State of Croatia, which governed the country for most the Second World War and murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews, Serbs and Croatian resistance fighters.

Yugoslavia masonic experiment with expiration date, in every and in any case Serbia became victim as naive masonic vassal back in times of all the yugoslavian versions, simply it became pan(south)slavic utopia taht as such was deliberately formed and used earlier for the erupean and later in time of tito for usA interests! long story short in the end it was dismantled because YNA as army became so powerful that became threat to the western interests if anyhow later would align itself with Russia through slavic line thus as risk it was in time dismantled when for that was the right time!

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