EU Marshall Plan for Europe 2020

The world wide populace strikes 20 plus years ago in very many nations to stop Globalization have proven to be correct......when a nation fails to produce anything it is heading into a "slave" nation ...........a nation too reliant on another

The interesting is that both right and left, (except radicals) embrace the possible profits of globalization...
I think that globalization is a process indepedent of any political will. So, none to blame about anything, especially nations.
That;s how the story goes.

We have to get over this soon, we have critical issues to confront with. If we have quick respond to that , we better respond to the next challenges.
We just happen to be here the same time.
This time will not be forever.
Consider all, as brothers of "time,"-we have more in common than we have with the past people of our possible heritage.
We have to act global up on certain issues, and now.

Coronacrisis is a milestone of our evolution

(I dont critisize against or judge your opinion)
Yesterday I read an article which announced the -supposed, putative and fake- will of Merkell to support with a pack of trillion of Euros.
Of course it was April's fools day... but it is also indicative how cynical sometimes life is.

I have the sense that civilization among others is:
When people have a -relatively- common ground for terms and meanings, for "price," "values" and "goods'.
This is a safe indication that things might go well. If not, usually all the econo/social schemes and constructs collapse.
That things can happen even to the best families... literally

Money is a crisis birthchild, and...
Today is second of April.
Coronacrisis is a milestone of our evolution

it does what the Barbarrians can not do?
or play with our weakness?

Justinian plaque,
Athenean λοιμος
etc etc
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