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I don't see a thread on famous E1b1b individuals yet, so I thought it might be a good idea to start one.

The first candidate I would like to propose is Metallica singer James Hetfield. According to geni.com, he is a descendant of Valentine Hatfield (1767-1840) of Russell county, Virginia. This individual is mentioned on the Hatfield/Hartsfield Project of Family Tree DNA as part of family 1, "descendants of George Hatfield of Southwest Virginia," who belong to E-M35.

To be fair, the genealogy on geni.com is traced back further to Matthias Hatfield (1640-1687) and Thomas Hatfield (b. 1602) from New Jersey. This original line is also represented on the Project, as family 4, and belongs to R1b-U152. But since no members of the Virginia branch to which James Hetfield apparently belongs are mentioned under family 4, I think James most likely is E-M35.
Maciamo could you please look into this, it would so so cool to have James here, no matter if he is E-V13 or R1b U152
American Evangelical Christian minister Rick Warren was a on the TV show "Finding Your Roots" with Henry Louis Gates, season 1, episode 5. His paternal ancestry according to a DNA test for this episode showed that he belongs to haplogroup E1b1b1a.

I am E-V13 and he would be a cousin, as I have Valentine Hatfield line in my dad side of the Tree. My E-V13 is from the Goode family Line as my GGF was actually illegitimate. Their E-V13 goes back to Sweden paper trail 1,000 years ago. I personally and a new clade off of S2979>BY6125>FT191655 in FTDNA I have no matches on YFULL yet as the 5 in FTDNA have yet to load into YFULL I am the American S2979 in YFULL as a new Line. My immediate American Family is from Central Kentucky
Not so famous on general, but it looks on genetics circle yes. The ex head of Human Genome Organization Stilyanos Antonarakis belongs to E-V13. Confirmed by himself. He is from Athens.
According to some Middle Easterners one of the descendants of Sultan Saladin tested as E-M34 (E-M123), the Natufian subclade. Saladin was supposedly Kurdish in origin.

19th century American poet Sidney Lanier was E1b1b. He was a patrilineal descendant (according to multiple online genealogies) of Nicholas Lanier, whose French Huguenot family settled in England in 1561 and who became Master of the King's Music under Charles I in 1625. Multiple descendants of Nicholas have been tested and their results are shown on FTDNA's Lanier DNA Project.
The Scottish Clan Colquhoun/Calhoun from Dunbartonshire belongs to the clade E-V13 > BY3880 > Y16729 > Y16721 > Y16733 according to the Calhoun Surname Project. The most prominent member is probably John C. Calhoun (1782–1850), who was the seventh Vice President of the United States. He is best remembered for being a strong defender of slavery. His beliefs and warnings heavily influenced the South's secession from the Union in 1860–61.

David Attenbourough is confirmed E1b1b, he is very likely E-V13.

i forgot zidane he is e-m81
his brother took the dna test back in the day

Zinedine Yazid Zidane (born 23 June 1972), popularly known as Zizou, is a French former professional football player who played as an attacking midfielder. He is the current manager of La Liga club Real Madrid and is one of the most successful managers in the world.[4][5][6][7] Widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time,[8][9][10] Zidane was an elite playmaker renowned for his elegance, vision, passing, ball control, and technique.[11][12] He received many individual accolades as a player, including being named FIFA World Player of the Year in 1998, 2000 and 2003, and winning the 1998 Ballon d'Or.


I just re-read the thread; absolutely amazing that Rick Warren is E1b1b1a. I'd love to know the history of that.


I just realized he has Gerard Depardieu's nose. :)

Calhoun has that typical Scots-Irish, Northern Borders of England, Appalachian raw-boned look. Andrew Jackson had it too.
Earl Warren (1891-1974) was an American politician and jurist who served as Governor of California from 1943 to 1953 and Chief Justice of the United States from 1953 to 1969. The "Warren Court" presided over a major shift in American constitutional jurisprudence, which has been recognized by many as a "Constitutional Revolution" in the liberal direction, with Warren writing the majority opinions in landmark cases such as Brown v. Board of Education (1954), Reynolds v. Sims (1964), Miranda v. Arizona (1966) and Loving v. Virginia (1967). Warren also led the Warren Commission, a presidential commission that investigated the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He is the last Chief Justice to have served in an elected office before entering the Supreme Court, and is generally considered to be one of the most influential Supreme Court justices and political leaders in the history of the United States.

His ancestor hailed from Norway and changed their surname to Warren after emigrating to the United States. The Warren DNA Project only has one lineage from Norway (kit N50625) and it is E-V13. It is not conclusive proof as the details of that testee are not made public, but how many people are they who took the English surname Warren with patrilineal roots in Norway? The odds are pretty high that this is indeed Earl Warren's family.

As I mentioned in the thread about the haplogroup of US presidents, Richard Nixon was probably E1b1b (L19-PF2431).
As I mentioned in the thread about the haplogroup of US presidents, Richard Nixon was probably E1b1b (L19-PF2431).

that would be great
wasn't the "best" prisedent
but still that would be great for the e1b1b1 family if true:cool-v:

his earliest ancestor according to geni :
bredfordshire and before that middlesex and before that lancshire
about e-L19
it does occure among british e1b1b1 (who are not e-v13 )
wish we had a relative results to confirm it .....
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Steven Spielberg
Known As: American screenwriter, producer and one of the most successful US filmmakers in history


a relative of him is e-y6923 the aschenazi branch of e-L791 :unsure: (if it is not a mistake)
E-Z827>Z830>PF1962>M123>M34>Z841>CTS2525>CTS1727>L791>Y4971>Y6923 (AB-007)
424665Motya (Mordechai) Spilberg, b. abt. 1855UkraineE-M35142513817-18111212131132169-911112114202814-14-15-17101019-191513121633-341310
It would be great to know Steven Spielberg's haplogroup. However I could not find any genealogical information about this Motya (Mordechai) Spilberg, b. abt. 1855. Jewish people tend to change surnames and adopt others relatively frequently. The FTDNA Projects have shown that there are usually many unrelated haplogroups for the same Jewish surnames, even rarer ones. So unless we know for sure that the person who tested is really related to Steven Spielberg, I wouldn't draw too hasty conclusions.

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