First Genomes from Ancient Egypt

I add Tassili N' Ajjer (walls paintings) in in Sahel (Sahara, in far southern Algeria, not in Kabyly)
- all typical wokes (an unlevel pop) are not afrocentrists (except the historical first American ones)
- we don't know exactly what was Jesus Christ true look
- at the time and in the region he lived there was crossings and variations among Near-East people (almost purely 'Europoid' looking, by the way)- out of topic

Pay attention to this Hollywood image of an Egyptian posted by Wanderer and, if possible, contextualize my reply inside the thread. The mention of Christ was made only in the sense of reinforcing Hollywood cinema's lack of common sense in portraying historical figures from the Middle East as if they were typical Englishmen, as for example the Franco Zeffirelli's Christ.


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