if spanish and portugese are heavily celtic why are some dark?

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No, it is not coincidence... I found someone of you in another popular forum, and refered to what was happening here just as a comment... but some people were interested.

More users for the foum of @Maciamo, I guess.

Try not to scare them off.


Huh? I've never met you before. Apart from being a troll you must be suffering from paranoia.:confused:

Believe me that these themes are not of my interest. Nor the Iberians in this Forums are currently of my interest. They were for two or three topics, but now it is over...
Sure that's why 99% of your messages are to talk about us.

You try to appear "intelligent"... but you don't even know that there is a "Max Planck" and "Max Plank" institutes, in Germany.

One deals with Genetical Evolution-Anthropology (Planck).

The other, with Theoretical Physics (Plank).

Read things outside SF, don't be such an ignorant. :confused:

LOOOOOOL. There are more than just TWO Institutes in the Max Planck Society, you idiot. :LOL:

Check it out:


Poor ignorant frijolito. Go back to the dunghill-forum where you use to post you don't fool anyone here anymore. :LOL:
Enough with this ridiculous discussion. Thread closed.
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