Kosova 1452-1480 - Ottoman Register

Source for these registers: https://pdfhost.io/v/9tbVWjiWM_Sela...trimittSanxhakuttShkodrsivitit14851485_OCRpdf , https://dokumen.tips/documents/1798...hqiptare-e-kosoves-gjate-shekujve-xv-xvi.html

Marin is an Albanian name too actually and should have been marked too, such as Marin Barleti: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marin_Barleti , and there are other type of Albanian names that appear like Jaku, Nue, Ukqa, Ulk etc which to the untrained eye might not appear as Albanian . Deja is also an Albanian name and was taken from the Slavic Dejan which we will see in the next register. Junik in Western Kosovo in 1485 was an Albanian village too, one can see this by the majority Albanian names and where even the brothers or sons would have a Slavic name and their father or the opposite would have an Albanian name etc. Same thing for Botushe for example. Village Beci which had Slavic names with some Albanian names in the 1485 register had in the 1582 register majority Albanian names. Gjec is an Albanian name too.

I have opened a thread here further that covers these villages in the 1571 register and many more that shows it was inhabited by an overwhelming majority Albanian population: https://www.eupedia.com/forum/threads/kosova-1571-ottoman-register.44802/

In this register they bore other type of Albanian names, Slavic names mainly appear mixed with Albanian such as an Albanian surname and Slavic name or vice versa. Even the town of Gjakova had overhwelming majority Albanian names in the 1571 register. The local Albanians in that area developed it into a town. According to the 1571 register, the area in Kosova between Gjakova - Prizren and the region of Opoje in Kosova had an overwhelming majority Albanian population.

I will deal with other registers that cover other areas later and the towns. These registers show a continuity of Albanians in this territory.
'Goga' is possibly an Albanian name too. There are more villages which indicate they were Albanians which I have not posted.

Source for the villages mentioned in 1452: https://docplayer.net/57183612-Vilajet-pastric-pashtrik-1452-53-godine.html

I don't have my hands on all the registers, there is also registers for the East of Kosova and South-East Serbia where there were Albanians too, and more villages in the West , however I have opened a thread for the towns of Kosova here that shows it was inhabited by Albanians:


There are registers for 1582 which cover the Gjakova and Peja region I believe which together with some of these 1571 and 1591 registers shows in fact, except for some pockets, a lot of these areas were inhabited by a majority Albanian population. And this is just counting people with typical Albanian names for those periods + Islamised Albanian names.

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