The Opinion Game

amusement parks - I always get bored at museums.

trains - buses suck and are uncomfortable.

hot chocolate - although I don't drink it, but I don't like coffee much, the caffeine makes me freak out.

The guy pays on a date OR split the cost?
This might be weird but I like splitting the cost.

Ebooks or just plain books? :)
Mycernius said:
Night or Day?


If you had to choose, what would you rather have; 200 small teeth in your mouth OR just 4 big ones?

Think about it carefully. 200 small teeth would look scary, but 4 big ones would look stupid, but in other hand, having to brush all the 200 teeth would be tough...
golden brown
brown eyes
reading a book
left wing
half full
either of the 2
Stay in

man or woman?
life said:
man or woman?

If were talking rebirth, I'd like to be a woman still. :)

Go against the flow or swim with the current?
Oh, cool. This thread came back.

Coffee in the morning. Definitely.
Train; trains are fun.
I love any kind of museums, especially the natural history museums.
The guy split the cost.
Plain books, I've never read e-books.
Living for the moment, not good at planning.
I like morning the best.
Go against the flow.

Go through the tunnel or over the bridge?
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Bridge. I think the view is better from there.
Radio. I dont watch TV that often because I'm a workaholic.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder? or go wander?
*grow fonder
*tv - I work for a tv station and don't listen to the radio much.
*bridge - better view
*against the flow - that how I've been living
*woman - they make the world go round
*200 teeth - you'd have lots of replacements if you ever lost any - great question
*I guess night, because I'm not much of a morning person, but it's nice to be out in the sunshine too.

For here OR to go
(as in with fast food)
Here 'cept when I want to watch a movie which is not that often.

In the office or doing field work (e.g. field reporter)?
Doing field work.

If you had a time-machine, would you go to the futre or the past?
If I had a time-machine I would go back to the past... preferably to see where I went wrong in a past life so that this can be my last.

Do you like to sleep on the left side or right side of the bed?
(Sorry if its been done before)
*Space, that's one of my dreams in life.
*I sleep in a single bed, so middle. But if I have to choose, I guess right.
*I'd go to the future to see how things turn out.
*Field work, working in the office is boring.

Party hard OR relax??
relax... after hard work, and study i would like to relax with my girl or friends, with a nice drink, relaxed music and just CHill ( no not with a joint.. i dont do that stuff ... ( aaahumm not really )

Truth or dare?
Truth...if I dare...

Movies mostly sometime books
Left Wing
without cell phone
Going out

Mountains or Beach?
A student once asked me if I had to choose, would I want my sons "to grow up to be obese or gay?"
ooh im fortunate enough to live in city that has mountains and beach! If the mountains had a waterfall though I would choose MOUNTAINS, and live right at the top!

Butter or Margarine?
Here goes my first post after a long hibernation.

Butter for baking...
Beach, I love the feel of water around me even if Im not much of a swimmer.
Truth because I can handle it - (i just remembered A Few Good Men).
Space because Im a Star Wars fan.
Left side.
Past because I cant remember many things about my childhood.

How about this, Forum or Chat?

Im more of a forum girl.

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