K12 the West European component in the Dodecad project

R1b is linked with the spread of Christianity not evil super aggresiveness or super sperm. If anything Pagan groups attacked early christian r1b populations. Red Hair is the evolutionary transition to Blonde. Hair does not turn from Black to Blonde overnight. It is gradual.

I agree with the evident remark of Knovas -
red hair HAS NOTHING IN COMMON with blond or fair hair: it is more a quality problem than a quantity of pigments one -
red hairs depend on more than a locus (mutated) - the 'blond' condition can only (maybe) permit a more evident expression of one or two mutates genes in the direction of 'red' -
the present day distribution of red and reddish hairs (with the skin colour and presence of freckles) seams showing for me a north central and northwestern strate population in Europe, diffferent from the not-'red' southwestern one, and that have been covered in a lot of places, more or less according to the places, by one or several not-'red' populations came from East (steppic and finnic peoples? surely enough a mesolithic population if not paleolithic ?
the mutations could have occurred in different places but all the way have been kept in regions where previously they did not carry too much problemes for climatic adaptation ? (not too much sun...) - I would be glad if someone could tell me what are the blood groups of Mari and other finnic people of Russia where red hairs are common (even if blood groups is a very rough approach) -

for the count of sperm I already answered the question: NO IMPACT for me on population

concerning Christianity, I do not see any reason to link R1b to it, not at all!!! Y-R1b monks or preasts mating as rabbits ?!?
sorry - when I speak of meso or paleolithic population, I speak about the red hairs rich one - not about the steppic or finnic people
I don't know if it could help:
a not too old survey about the HLA frequent groups among Basques, Madrid Spaniards and Alger Algerians showed :

4 groups common to Basques and Madrilenes : 1 only iberian, 1 atlantic, 1 central european, 1 found too in Sardinia and Alger ! (pan-west-mediterranean? mesolithical ?) -
1 group present only among Basques (mesolithical ? paleolithical?)
1 group present among Algerians and North of the Mediterranea, BUT almost absent from Basques and Madrilenes
1 group present among Algerians, Madrilenes and North of the Mediterranea, BUT absent from Basques -
we can conclude that Basques have a lot of autosomal genes shared with Western Central Europe (megalithic and celtic late cultures, but inherited from previous populations ?) as do some Spaniards + with Mediterranea – but they retained some peculiar genes of them... all that doesn't contradict some autosomals analysis speaking about 'atlantmed' pe 'mediterranean'+'N-W euroepan' , even if it lacks precision...
I put this post here bit oit could have been posted as well in threads about ancient DNA (Ötzi) or present day HGs (Y-G2) or autosomals, because all that specifical approachs concern the same questions... SO ... here!

here under, some relative %s concerning 'mediter', 'caucasian' and 'gedrosian':
the 3 first column concern absolute %s, the three late concern relative %s: 'mediter' / 'mediter'+'caucaisan', 'mediter' / 'mediter'+'gedrosian', 'caucasian' / 'caucasian'+'gedrosian'

autosomaux DODECAD 13MEDITCAUCAGEDROb:b+cb: b+dc: c+d
Basques France70,20,17,699,990,21,3
Ecosse Orcades41,40,49,799,081,04,0
AFN Mozabites4,20,20,495,591,333,3
Allemagne S- Autriche39,56,47,186,184,847,4
France 145,48,25,384,789,560,7
France 244,88,46,384,287,757,1
Italie Sardaigne75,515,80,082,7100,0100,0
Indes Brahui6,32,067,675,98,52,9
Italie N 245,721,32,668,294,689,1
Italie N 142,521,43,166,593,287,3
Italie Toscane40,028,32,558,694,191,9
Italie O36,928,43,656,591,188,8
Italie C36,630,92,854,292,991,7
Italie S- Sicile32,935,13,548,490,490,9
Italie Sicile32,435,52,647,792,693,2
Juifs Askhenazes 229,434,02,046,493,694,4
Juifs Askhenazes 129,634,81,746,094,695,3
Italie S32,238,22,145,793,994,8
Pakistan? Makrani4,47,260,037,96,810,7
Pakistan Sindhi2,46,449,427,34,611,5
Juifs Azerbaidjan11,552,714,317,944,678,7
Amenie 111,956,712,517,348,881,9
Arménie 211,656,110,517,152,584,2
Pakistan Pathans1,613,942,610,33,624,6
Adygei Tcherkesses2,158,89,73,417,885,8
Pakistan Burusho0,110,541,80,90,220,1
Liban Druzes16,148,46,225,072,288,6

you can see the western but also north-western general position of 'mediterranean' compared to the more south-eastern position of 'caucasian', and the fact that even in slavic lands (and more yet in baltic-finnic lands) 'mediter' is far more stronger than 'caucasian' compared to the situation in Italy, Bulgary and Greece without speak of the overwhelming domination of 'caucasian' in Caucasus and even if less, in Near-Eastern-Middle-Eastern countries -
the 'gedrosian' presence in Germanic, Celtic and Basque countries was noticed yet by Spongetaro and others before.
We 'll have occasion to debate about that in future, sure!
good night!
I see the gedrosian ( eastern persian ) travelling north of the caspian and black seas and heading for british isles
I see the gedrosian ( eastern persian ) travelling north of the caspian and black seas and heading for british isles

I totally agree with you on this point -
when? with (a) tribe(s) of I-E speakers or just before? but which?

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