Were the Croatians originally Slavic?

Croatians had to pay tax to the Orthodox and Muslim churches, so the Orthodox Church expanded at the expense of the Catholic Church in Bosnia. This was due to double taxation and lack of rights in society, for example court action against people of the Muslim or Orthodox faiths were mostly unsuccessful. As a result some Croatians converted to the Orthodox faith due to taxation and social rights reasons, but at the same time they could still be Christian and be able to attend a familiar Christian church. Additionally this is further supported by changes in the ethnic demographic makeup of Bosnia over the centuries where the Muslim and Orthodox populations expanded at the expense of the Catholic population.

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Eastern Europe: An Introduction to the People, Lands, and Culture, Volume 1 edited by Richard C. Frucht.
Croats as people - of course yes. Croats as a name of people - of course no :grin:

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