What is your beauty ideal?

FLOTUS (Melania)


I like all kinds of traits, but generally if I had to pick one type I'd choose something that I call Gracile Pontid. It's common in Romania, Moldova and Ukraine from what I've noticed.

Kind of like this:

Beautiful. What a beautiful language, what is it?
Beautiful. What a beautiful language, what is it?

Romanian, you probably hear it quite often in Spain ;)

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The Romanians usually defend themselves quite well with Spanish, I have always spoken with them in Spanish. They do not usually speak loudly in their language, I've heard very little, not to finish to get an idea.
Jesús Castro Romero

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I admit I have a thing for Nicole Kidman

In my opinion, as close as a human (beast) can get to a goddess (aesthetic). Aphrodite... Helen... incarnated.

Pamela RF / German / 20 / Fitness Model / Fashion




(Sorry for the many pictures xD: Got carried away)




Edit: According to some De Medici, Michelangelo could sculpt better than the angels... and David was proof of that.
Well I doubt Michelangelo could conceive or sculpt this:

In all honesty, my Beauty-Meter is in conflict with that of Attraction, they rarely go hand in hand.

from Above: Nicole Kidman is a #8 Beauty, but I’m attracted by a #7 Gal Gadot.

(divertiti con la bionda, ma sposati la bruna) :)
I think sometimes one can find someone beautiful but not be at all attracted to that person, or vice versa, and sometimes the two coincide. In my list, Mark Strong "strongly" attracts me :), but I don't think he's strictly speaking beautiful, although he's very attractive imo, and he has a devastatingly gorgeous voice. Men like Raoul Bova and Daniele Pecci are to me beautiful, but also attract me. There are "beautiful" men who "don't" attract me, like Kim Rossi. I don't even know why. He's actually objectively more even featured, but my heart doesn't go pitter patter. Maybe he doesn't project enough masculinity to me? Too pretty? Not "dark" enough?

As to women, I can't speak about "attraction", because I'm not "wired" that way, but the only women posted so far I consider beautiful are the ones posted by Carlos, and the "Pontic" ones. Before I get attacked, I do think blonde women can be very beautiful. By beauty, though, I mean, classic, even features. Hollywood doesn't go for beauty anymore, imo, so it's hard to think of an example. You can see prettier women in your day to day life, especially if they were professionally "done up". The only one I can come up with is Charleze Theron when she was younger, although she's obviously also "done up".


In the past there were a lot of gorgeous blondes:

Lana Turner:

Grace Kelly:

Marilyn Monroe

I've posted the brunette ones a lot in the past, but this is just one example: Hedy Lamarr

Ava Gardner: She was stunning even as a schoolgirl with absolutely nothing done to her, much like someone like Elizabeth Taylor

Of course, in real life, even if someone is really attractive, if he opens his mouth and out comes something silly, or stupid, or unkind, then POOF, it's all gone. :)
As they say, beauty's only skin deep. And it fades quickly enough. If there's nothing inside, if you're just a pretty, empty shell, what is left then when physical beauty is gone? (I admit I have a soft spot for black Irish types though).
Bingo! 🕷

Michele Pfeiffer, Charlize Theron and Monica Bellucci.
Mónica Randall
(Aurora Julià i Sarasa)
Aurora Julià i Sarasa
Aurora Julià i Sarasa
Soraya Esfandiary Bakhtiary :


Sarah Shahi :


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Soraya Esfandiary Bakhtiary :


Sarah Shahi :


Respecting your choice, in this case i will vote for Fawzia Fuad of Egypt. [h=1][/h]
^^OMG, what an absolute stunner! I guess French, Albanian, Circassian and Turkish is a very potent combination. :)


Princess Soraya was a very different type, but very beautiful.

For the Ladies: :innocent:

his name is ..... Fabio!


(don’t get the wrong Idea about me now ) LOL

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