What is your beauty ideal?

I guess beauty has no shape :giggle: personally I find women with a slight asian eye shape very beautiful, like russian or turkish women.
For the Ladies: :innocent:

his name is ..... Fabio!


(don’t get the wrong Idea about me now ) LOL

Great body, if over-built for my taste, but I don't think his face is beautiful; it's very asymmetrical, even more asymmetrical than that of someone like Mark Strong, i.e. eyes are way too small for his face. Too much HG in his face too. Plus, I've seen him interviewed, and he seems stupid, so...NO. :)

Carmine Signorelli:

Yes, I definitely have a "thing" for southern Italian men. It might be imprinting, though; I was very young when I fell in love, even though we split for rather long periods before we married.

Giulio Berruti is very handsome, but he doesn't have that "oomph" for me. Maybe he's too perfect, and so not masculine enough. I don't know.


I really like the look of this Spanish actor: Miguel Angel Silvestre

Some New World Hispanics are also sometimes very good looking:

Reynaldo Giannechini of Brazil:

Sebastian Rulli: probably gay

Justin Clynes is definitely gay, and absolutely beautiful.

Ornella Muti

Ornella Muti

Yes, very beautiful in an exotic way reflecting her origins.

I always thought Claudia Cardinale was gorgeous too. They shamelessly exploited the hell out of her, especially her body. Of course, she let them.



Everything about her was soft, and round, and feminine, not today's type at all.
It seems as if there are cycles and the wheel turns. Those decades were very beautiful women on the outside but also inside, human look, it seems that their interior is just as beautiful. I see the beauty in these generations and they are tense, they are real bugs when you hear them speak, they just try to look good projecting a false and prefabricated interior. The beauty of those decades however is natural and with a sense of truth that is scarce today.
There are still some actresses in whom you can see a certain depth of soul. Their "humanity" shines our of their eyes. This is Luisa Ranieri. She's not "classically" beautiful, perhaps, but I love, love, love the way she looks. It's a very southern Italian look that I find very appealing. Her husband, Italian actor Luca Zingaretti of "Montalbano" fame, has excellent taste. :) He also projects integrity and sensitivity.




Here Zingaretti speaks of why the character he portrays, Montalbano, is so popular, and it is that he hearkens back to an older time, when the men of the south hewed to a code of honor, of friendship, even of justice, which has been lost in the modern world. I think Zingaretti does such a good job of portraying such a man because perhaps he shares those "older" qualities as well. If only men were like that nowadays.

He's Roman, btw. I can definitely see him as a Centurion or something. :)
Yes they see a very integral marriage. She is very sweet, she seems like a good person and it is true that she could play a Roman movie; although I have seen in it several lands according to planes and light as well as center europe, north, even Iberia all in a Roman finish. Normally people who make movies are happy because they do something they like, but at least when you talk you can believe that you are telling the truth.
Luisa Ranieri is Gorgeous in those photos.
Beato Lui :annoyed:
Justin Clynes is definitely gay, and absolutely beautiful.
This guy looks like the love child of Lorik Cana (Albanian footballer) and Fernando Torres (Spanish footballer).
Hispanic-Visigothic blonde of Sevillian parents.
Marisol after Pepa Flores
Gentlemen prefer blondes but marry brunettes
She’s a Keeper, :unsure:

What an impressive car and blue my color for cars, I love it, maybe it's electric or hybrid.

Beauty could not be missing among the beautiful Rita Hayworth, one of the women who must be in the unconscious not only of the population of her country but of the entire planet.
Even though it is not my personal favorite type of beauty, if I try to be objective, there is something in some Italian women, for example Ariana Grande (even though she also has American ancestors ... whatever that means) that reaches some kind of perfection. I do not think any other "gracile Mediterraneans" reach this level of perfection. I only have seen it in some Italian women. I would like to know if there is some light in their origin. Maybe ultra-neoteny?


Ángela Ponce


Bibiana Fernández


La veneno

Special mention to these andalusian girls whose beauty borders on perfection.
I agree with you, Carlos. I think some Spanish women also have that "small Med" kind of look, and can be very beautiful. In fact, I think they have more small Meds than Italians do as a proportion of the population.

I have to say, though, that obviously tastes differ, because I don't think Ariana Grande is a particularly beautiful example of that look. You can go to any mall and see girls who look like her. Plus, she never grew into a woman's body.

A really beautiful Italian example of that kind of look was Gina Lollabrigida, I think. Even middle aged she was a stunner.


I've always loved the way Pier Angeli looked too:


And then, of course, there's Monica:

Beauty for me comes in different forms, though, even with much stronger facial bone structure. Manuela Arcuri:

I absolutely adore the way Caterina Murino looks too.


Youtube chef Laura Vitale (from Napoli) has a bit of that look, I think, although much softer, and I think she's quite pretty.

Now if this isn't Italian, I don't know what is....

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