Will Russia Attack Ukraine?

I would be fine with AfD if they were not hateful against "others" and revanchist against Poland.

But pro-AfD Germans are a bit like White Russians (anti-Communist Russians) in 1919-1920.

The White Russians were even more anti-Polish than Red Russians (Bolsheviks) - they did not accept independence of Poland at all.

This is probably why Jozef Pilsudski decided not to help the Whites against the Bolsheviks.

It was like choosing between typhus and cholera.

And nowadays right-wing Germans and left-wing Germans are both anti-Polish, only for different reasons. Typhus vs. cholera again!
Also Poland has taken over 2 million Ukrainian refugees since 24 February but these pigs still write about "hatred of foreigners in Poland".

germans and poles live right next to each other you think germans do not realize the political mood in poland? there are peasants who have to seperate polish guest workers from others, e.g. asylum seekers who work on the farm, because it would lead to racism and aggression coming from the poles.

UPDATE 2-Germany says to still pay for Russian gas in euros/dollars after Scholz-Putin call

Cheap, reliable, energy could be a real boost to the EU economy, instead of war in Ukraine, if they can reach a deal with Russia(win, win situation for both sides).

BERLIN, March 30 (Reuters) - Germany will continue to pay for Russian gas in euros or dollars, a government spokesman said, adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin had told the German chancellor nothing would change for European partners despite his plan for rouble payments.

Maybe in the future Putin can give good discounts, if countries decide to pay in roubles and join SPFS
The Russian Government is also in talks to expand SPFS to developing countries such as Turkey and Iran.[6] Owing to its limitations, the SPFS system is seen as a last resort, rather than as a replacement for the SWIFT network.[1] Since 2019 many agreements have been reached to link SPFS to other countries' payment systems in China, India, Iran, as well as the countries inside the EAEU who are planning to use SPFS directly.
on gas, oil, coal, agricultural, potash, minerals etc...

Nice, but... Russia will most likely no longer exist after this war, it will fragment into several smaller countries:


^^^ Quote:

"Recent instability in Russia due to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine and a loss of prestige for the Russian military has brought renewed attention to the idea of a dissolution of Russia."
No, ethnocentrism is not about thinking that your ethnic group is superior to others.

Just like familycentrism is not about thinking that your family is superior to others.

It is simply about caring first about your own family, only then about other families.

To say it black and white severe ethnocentrism leads very easily to see other ethnos with dedain.

Practically you can't name an ethnocentrist who is not vulnerable to that.

Just likt an egocentrist is caught in that his own ideas and values are the best......

Besides that after the fall of the wall ethnocentrism is key to the wars in Europe from former Yugoslavia to Ukraine now.
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I don't know why Western conservatives support Russia. Russia is literally modern Sodom and Gomorrah.

Quote from another forum:

Russia has the highest abortion rate per 1,000 inhabitants in the world.
40% of Russian children are brought up without a father, which makes Russians more like African Americans.
In Russia there is the phenomenon of so-called street children. Several million homeless children live on the streets of Russian cities.
Russia is the leader in Europe in the number of people infected with HIV. The reason for this is, among other things, the universal consent to prostitution.
Some regions of Russia are similar to some African countries in this respect.
Russians also excel in divorce rates and child abandonment.
Russia also has the world's second largest alcohol death rate.
The highest in Europe is also the number of murders per 1,000 inhabitants.
Although the majority of Russians identify themselves with the Orthodox Church, only a few percent of the population practice the Orthodox faith.

All this shows a picture of the demoralized post-Soviet society, mired in a crisis of values and the collapse of basic social institutions such as the family.

Russia is literally as degenerated as the West, but in addition is plagued by the Homo Sovieticus mindset.
^^^ After all, this degeneracy came from Russia to the West, as Bezmenov explained back in 1985:

It did not originate in the West, but Western universities were infiltrated by Marxists from the USSR.
You literally adopted Russian values and renamed them Western values. That happened around the 1970s or 1980s.
Doesn't anyone think that the future of the BRI and and silk road trades between Russia, Ukraine-Mauripol steel production port city will greatly facilitate and expand trade between Asia? China and India can trade in roubles - yaun - rupee and expand their economies with energy, commodities, farm products-high tech manufacturing. Perhaps China and or India will help in the reconstruction of Mauripol and other areas devestated by the Nazi like Ukrainian battalions, who knows? Interesting potential for future emerging market growth raising the living standards across BRI Asia.
Doesn't anyone think that the future of the BRI and and silk road trades between Russia, Ukraine-Mauripol steel production port city will greatly facilitate and expand trade between Asia? China and India can trade in roubles - yaun - rupee and expand their economies with energy, commodities, farm products-high tech manufacturing. Perhaps China and or India will help in the reconstruction of Mauripol and other areas devestated by the Nazi like Ukrainian battalions, who knows? Interesting potential for future emerging market growth raising the living standards across BRI Asia.

Funny that all people with Nazi-leaning views until 24 February suddenly became Anti-Nazis after that date... :LOL:

But do you know why in fact did Nazi Germany fail? Because it was ran by German losers.

Nazi Israel with a Jewish leader like Zelensky would be truly Ubermensch and invincible.
^^^ Heavenly Jerusalem is coming and you can't stop it, Silesian: :LOL:


"Our friends, the right tolerant nationality, from Dnepropetrovsk announced the creation of Heavenly Jerusalem (without specifying the date). Glory to the heavenly Jerusalem. Let us rejoice, dear brothers and sisters. The administration of the group, as well as the Council of the Benefactors of Heavenly Jerusalem and every year with them Roman Nikandrovich and Harry Ber-Kut join the congratulations and begin to celebrate."

Map of Heavenly Jerusalem:


Article about it:


Google Translation (Italian > English):

"A Jewish state in Ukraine: the project really exists
By Maurizio Blondet, March 14, 2022

A reader tells me that the project is described in black and white on Russian Wikipedia.


Heavenly Jerusalem (project):

Heavenly Jerusalem based on five southern regions of Ukraine

This article is about a hypothetical project related to Israel. For more information, contact your nearest rabbi!
Heavenly Jerusalem (also New Jerusalem, Israel 2.0, New Israel) is a project whose goal is to form a Jewish state within Ukraine on the territories of its five southern regions: Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Kherson and Mykolaiv.

The project is long-term, its terms are determined by the College of Benefactors, the time is described until 2049 and also after 2060 [1]

1 Description of the project
2 Reforms in Ukraine
3 Financing
4 Criticisms
5 interesting facts
6 Notes

Description of the project
According to I. Berkut, the author of the idea and the executive director of the project [2] [3] [4]: ​​the next five years are destruction and fragmentation after 19, and the next five years, after 2024, is reformatting. 2029 is the first step for NI "

Thus, by the end of 2029, approximately 5 million Jews are expected to arrive in the New Homeland for the construction of the New Jerusalem [5].

Israeli Prime Minister B. Netanyahu has already discussed organizing the resettlement and settlement of Jews, as well as possible economic and political assistance in implementing the project, with current Ukrainian Prime Minister V. Groisman, Prime Minister of the Federation Russian DA Medvedev, senior adviser to US President Donald Trump and a member of the influential Jewish organization Chabad Lubavitch, Jared Kushner.

The project receives the support of well-known public figures, political scientists and analysts [6]: V. Pozner, Ya.

Interestingly, despite its scale, the project is neither covered by the world nor by the local Ukrainian press (i.e. central media channels), with very rare exceptions.

Most of the information on the implementation of the project comes from its executive director Igor Berkut. I. Berkut's video interviews, covering the progress of the project, are posted on the ?Rassvet? YouTube channel.

The official announcement of the New Jerusalem project should be made after the adoption of the law on the decentralization of Ukraine in 2021-2022. In July 2019, Switzerland allocated 25 million euros, also for the decentralization of Ukraine [8] [n1].

The New Jerusalem project began in early 2017 with the landing in the port of Odessa of the first group of immigrants from Israel, led by I. Berkut [2, 19:40]. This group of 183 Jewish pioneers came to Ukraine from Haifa (Israel) to lay the foundation stone of the heavenly Jerusalem on the fertile land of southern Ukraine.

The management of the New Jerusalem will be entrusted to the "Council of Benevolent" composed of 12 leaders [9]:

Originally from Kiev, Golda Meir, 5th Prime Minister of the State of Israel, was declared Honorary Eternal Head of the Council;
B. Netanyahu will become the President-Prime Minister, after the Prime Minister's powers in the State of Israel have been fulfilled;
Former US Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke will manage finances;
Defense matters will be borne by the current Minister of Defense of Israel, originally from Chisinau, Avigdor Lieberman;
The secret services will be headed by Yakov Kedmi, former head of the Nativ Office for relations with the Jews of the USSR and Eastern Europe, born in Moscow;
Moscow-born political scientist and publicist Avigdor Eskin will be responsible for foreign affairs;
Internal affairs will be entrusted to former Israeli State Minister of Internal Affairs, Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky;
The media will be directed by the famous Russian TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov;
Matters of justice will be decided by a Crimean native, lawyer Tatyana Montyan;
The speaker of the Council will be the former president of the Russian Jewish Congress Evgeny Satanovsky;
The chief rabbi should name an Ashkenazi ethnic Khazarian version of the appearance of this branch of the Israel tree;
Hidden apostle
The creation of two capitals is planned in the New Jerusalem [10]: the first, political and commercial capital, will be located in today's city of Dnepropetrovsk and will be named in consonance with the New Jerusalem project, the second, cultural, will be located in Odessa and will be called "Adessa".

Reforms in Ukraine

The New Jerusalem project is consulted by the Polish Finance Minister Leszek Balcerowicz [11] [12], who, together with I. Berkut and other participants, is the author of economic reforms in Ukraine. According to the authors of the reforms, population depopulation should become the basis for the well-being of the citizens of the future Ukraine: ?The key principle of the reform is that the smaller the population, the greater the per capita GDP. Therefore, the main way of reform is a progressive decrease in the country's population ?, admits I. Berkut [13] [14].

In accordance with these reforms, in 2017 the Minister of Social Affairs the politician A. Reva said [15] [16]: "There are not only too many Ukrainians, but they still eat a lot". V. Groysman, in his turn, found the courage and for the first time in the history of Ukraine said [17] [18]: "Ukrainians study too much". I (I. Berkut) and V. Groysman, we both understand that "for a Ukrainian child, this should be" the day of the kavun "," the day of the tsibuli "," the day of embroidery "; for a Jewish child, this should be "physics day", "chemistry day", "programming day"


At the end of 2016, I. Berkut cites the following sources of funding for projects in the framework of economic reforms in Ukraine [19]: $ 250,000 from one of the IMF tranches ($ 1 billion), $ 250,000 from the Ukrainian Economy Modernization (F4) fund Fund, Switzerland, ?Friedman, Feldman, Fishman and Firtash?), we hope to receive an additional $ 450,000 from the George Soros Foundation.

In another video [20], the executive director of the project speaks thus: The (financial) foundations are laid by divine providence. Today, 2-3 billionaires leave every day for the other world. If they leave all the inheritance to their relatives, it will damage them. They can donate money to the project. Assistance is also provided by billionaires from Kazakhstan, Russia and many other countries. This will be the help of Russia, Germany, the European Central Bank, the Bank of England, the Rothschild House, the United States, hundreds of family funds, Hollywood, Apple, Facebook, Google.

In July 2019, Ukraine received funding from Switzerland (25 million euros), the EU (137 million euros + 29.5 million euros) and technical assistance from the United States (695 million dollars) [21 ]. It is about supporting public administration reforms and qualitative changes in the provision of services, as well as decentralization.


Despite the size of the project, its consistency with high-ranking people (B. Netanyahu, DA Medvedev, V. Groysman, Jared Kushner, Leszek Balcerowych), is not covered either in the world or by the local Ukrainian press (on central channels). The exception is the Israeli press [22].

In his informative videos, I. Berkut talks more than once about the outstanding figure of our time, Lee Kuan Yew, the creator of Singapore's "economic miracle". I. Berkut cites this statesman as an example and speaks of Singapore as a possible development model for the New Jerusalem. At the same time, I. Berkut's approach to financing and developing the project is based, respectively, on the desire to receive money from global companies [20] and on the depopulation of the Ukrainian population [13]. The fact is that from Lee Kuan Yew's book ?History of Singapore. From the "third world - to the first" it follows that Lee Kuan Yew has nothing to do with I. Berkut's approach to state development. He has never counted on "foreign" money and has dealt with the solution of numerous problems and the development of Singapore, relying only on his exceptional mind and his human resources, without ever resorting to the depopulation of the population.

I. Berkut, speaking in a video interview on the YouTube channel ?Rassvet? about the New Jerusalem project, makes many shocking statements, which, according to critics, indicate that he suffers from chauvinism. Then, at the beginning of the video [23], an image of the future "New Jerusalem" is presented with an explanation: "the dog in the photo represents all nations except the Jewish and Ukrainian ones"

Asked by one of the spectators [24]: "I will not allow a Jewish project to be built on my land", I. Berkut replies: "dear Petya, there is nothing of yours there and there never was. Petya - you are a small particle of endangered biomass that the wind of change has brought into our objective reality. This was explained to you under Kravchuk, under Yushchenko, etc. Petya, look around you and see where you are and remember: there is nothing there, there was and there will be nothing of yours "

Speaking of a possible threat to Israel, I. Berkut reports [25] that in this case, from the territory of Celestial Jerusalem, nuclear attacks will be launched with medium-range headed missiles

I. Berkut, speaking of the New Jerusalem, refers several times to chapter 21 of the Apocalypse of John the Theologian, which deals with the second coming of Christ and the creation (more precisely, the descent from heaven) of the heavenly Jerusalem [32] [ 33] [34] [35]. Furthermore, on the basis of the Apocalypse, the composition of the council of benefactors of the heavenly Jerusalem is chosen [9]. Furthermore, if the Apocalypse speaks of representatives of the twelve tribes of Israel, then the Jews are elected to the council of benefactors regardless of belonging to any tribe. This fact may be due to the fact that 10 of the 12 tribes of Israel are considered lost.

During the implementation of the "Heavenly Jerusalem" project, the conflict between the Galicians and the Jewish community in Ukraine was exposed. In one of the videos [36], I. Berkut reads a poem by a certain Jew, Mikhail Fonkin, entitled "To the slanderers of Jerusalem", which is clearly a parody of A. S. Pushkin's poem "To the slanderers of Russia" [37]. Furthermore, I. Berkut does not provide references to AS Pushkin, but presents this mix as an intuition of this same Fonkin. Two points of ?Fonkin's poem? can be noted: AS Pushkin's words ?redeemed with blood? have been replaced with ?redeemed with money; even the words "you have not read these bloody tablets" have been replaced with "you have not read either the Protocols of the Magi or the Tablets of Moses ..." Here we are talking about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the main document "Judeo-Masonic conspiracy ?, As well as the Pentateuch of Moses and the Talmud - the main books of Judaism.


^^^ OK it looks like a parody tbh.

That is no coincident how the anti-EU reactionary politicians not only understand Putin very well (they share the same agenda copy past Russia for UK in this cage), in this respect they Putin, and in many cases like Front National in France, FPÖ in Austria , FvD in the Netherlands all those (semi) fascist party's have gotten money from the Kremlin. Al speaking like their master's voice....When do they wake up and see that Putin means tyranny and someone who kills freedom.
Zelenski spoke in Dutch parliament this morning, again an excellent speech in which he makes a connection between the country (in casu the Netherlands) and the battle the Ukraine is fighting. So in our case it was about the birth of the Dutch nation in the battle against tyranny (and out of it tolerance and freedom), the bombing of Rotterdam (like Mariupol) by the Nazis in 1940, and the shot down of MH17 by Ukrainian separatist which costed nearly 300 Dutch lives.....

That man is a big big communicator!

On Thursday morning, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) via a live video feed, calling on the Netherlands to tighten sanctions against Russia and increase support for Ukraine through the provision of weapons. “Tyranny must always lose," Zelenskyy said. "I hope you can help us win.”

Ukrainian President referenced MH17 and bombing of Rotterdam
Over the last several weeks, Zelenskyy has addressed 13 national parliaments and governments around the world, including US Congress and the House of Commons in the United Kingdom. This week, it was the turn of the Dutch government. It marked the first time in history that the Tweede Kamer invited a foreign leader to address MPs.

In a 15-minute speech, the Ukrainian President gave details about the current situation in Ukraine, emphasising that the country would continue to defend itself while acknowledging that after just one month of war, international interest in the conflict was already waning. “The war in Ukraine is sadly becoming a routine," he said.

Zelenskyy compared Russia's attack on Ukraine to the beginning of the Second World War, referencing the bombing of Rotterdam during the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands. "World War Two started as an invasion of only a few countries," Zelenskyy said. "But it didn't take long before bombs were also falling on Rotterdam and London."

As was expected, the Ukrainian President also mentioned flight MH17, which was shot down over eastern Ukraine seven years ago: "We have to do something now to stop this. In 2014, Russia entered our country. You felt that when MH17 was shot down. There is no doubt: this is not a just war. Those who gave the order must be tried."

Calls for the Netherlands to tighten sanctions and increase support
While Zelenskyy took time to thank the government and the people of the Netherlands for their support thus far, he emphasised that more action must be taken as soon as possible in order to put an end to Russia's "tyranny."

“Russia continues to attack Ukraine, we have to do something to protect our country. We have to stop this so there will never again be war in Europe,” the President said. “Tougher sanctions are needed so that Russia doesn’t have the chance to extend this war in Europe.”

Zelenskyy called on the Netherlands to enforce tougher sanctions against Russia, stop all business with the country and prepare to move away from using energy from Russia. The President also made it clear that more weapons were needed in order for Ukraine to continue its fight against Russia. “Ukraine thanks you for the support…but we need more," Zelenskyy said. "We need weapons to free our cities…you have that, and I hope you can help us win.”

Finally, Zelenskyy said the Netherlands also had an important role to play in helping Ukraine rebuild, and explicitly called on Prime Minister Mark Rutte to use his influence over international institutions and help Ukraine claim a spot in the European Union: "Our EU membership is up to you."

^^^ Remember, even based on Russia's own Criminal Code, Putin is a criminal and should be promptly arrested:


"Article 353 of the Russian Criminal Code prohibits planning, preparing, unleashing, or waging an aggressive war.[49]"

^^^ Can some freedom-loving Russian finally decommunise Russia and shoot this Marxist Bolshevik in the head?

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