Politics Will Ukraine join EU?

why not?
YOU will embrace all european countries
but never Russia
it's too big to be embraced
I think yes,certainly Ukraine must and should be in the EU, because Ukraine is a Christian country and the EU is a Christian club,apart from being a European country,no more to say.

I do not think it will come a day when we see a non-Christian country in the EU,in the issue of turkey, it's just a waste of time for the EU as for turkey (I think logical),turkey should think about building a Muslim club union with the countries of the Middle East/asian including Azerbeijan etc...,like us in the Maghreb Union.

A weak country in the Muslim population as albania or kosovo,bosnia,maybe they become EU members (easier to control),but like turkey,Morocco,never,I know very well what is the EU.
Perhaps in a few years, but it certainly seems like for the immediate future they won't be. Unless of course some sort of agreement is reached between all sides regarding the issue of civil war and Russian/Western involvement.
At this moment I dont think Ukrain is ready to join. I am however convinced that they will eventually join. Atleast the parts that dont want to belong to Russia.

Not ready but it will happen.
When I came across this: doubtingsteven .blogspot . com/2015/06/marat-qacem-about-gay-lobby-in-latvia . html I got it at last that I don't want Ukraine enter the EU.
I can't share the EU so called values, that EuroPride and other of the sort! They are really disgusting!
And it would be just a nightmare for me and many other Ukrainians, I bet you, if one day Kiev like Riga now "was entrusted the honor" of hosting some regular EuroPride!
They can't. As ing as half the country is Russian, they simply cannot.

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