1. José Mª

    Best combination for DNA testing?

    Hello everyone, :smile: I've been thinking about testing my DNA and I don't have a lot of money to spend on different companies, so I started looking for the best way to test it using only one of those options. From my days searching for the answer I've decided to post my thoughts here so you...
  2. Maciamo

    Y-DNA Haplogroups of U.S. Presidents

    Here are the Y-haplogroups of US presidents known at present: 1. George Washington R1b-U152>Z56 2. John Adams R1b-S1200>S14328>S6849 3. Thomas Jefferson T1a1a 4. James Madison 5. James Monroe I2a1a-L161.1 6. John Quincy Adams R1b-S1200>S14328>S6849 7. Andrew Jackson I1 8...
  3. Maciamo

    Searching for famous R1b-DF27 individuals

    Two US presidents, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush apparently belong to haplogroup R1b DF27>Z196>Z209> CTS4065>S16864 based on the results from the Bush Surname Project. I ran the haplotype in NevGen's haplogroup predictor to determine the subclade. They descend from Reynold Bush (1600-1686)...
  4. 3

    23andme Haplogroups

    Hello, I'm new to Eupedia as you can probably tell. I've always been interested in genetics and anthropology but for some reason never managed to make an account. Anyways, I recently took a test with 23andme. The test was very useful and even connected me with a few 2nd cousins. But, what I'm...
  5. M

    Cheddar man

    What is Y-chromosome haplogroup of cheddar man? Mt haplogroup is published and I have not found info on Y-chromosome.
  6. franci-s91

    J1-ZS241>FGC13873 - origin and roots?

    I got my Big-Y results for a short time with the result J1-FGC13873 which is under ZS241. Have researched several hours on the web, but have so far found no clear info, except that someone from Saudi Arabia in yful had the same subclade. Is there any indication of the origin or stem of this...
  7. M

    R-M479 Haplogroup Migration

    Hello - first post new to all this so please be patient. I’ve recently received my results y Haplogroup result from 23andMe as R-M479. I’ve searched online for more information about this haplogroup but what I get is very sparse with little or no definitive information about migration or...
  8. A

    Haplogroup of kings and queens

    Haplogroups of European kings and queens Two weeks ago, I mentioned that members of the House of Oldenburg belonged to haplogroup R1b, based on Tsar Nicholas II's DNA. Here is a summary of all European kings and queens (and crown princes) whose haplogroup can be deduced from the testing...
  9. A

    Haplogroup subclade R1b1a2a~2/R1b-PF7558 (R1b-PF7562, R1b-PF7563) in Italy

    Can someone give me the rundown/history on these subclades and explain their prevalence in Southern Italy/Sicily? I just ran a Morley prediction report via my 23andMe test, and this was the most likely prediction. I also ordered the Y37 test from FTDNA and ancestry.com as well. I had done...
  10. Maciamo

    Lombard vs Roman Y-DNA and mtDNA from northern Italy and Hungary

    The study on Lombard DNA by Amorim et al. (2018) was already discussed a few months ago as part of a preliminary paper, but did not yet include the Y-DNA and mtDNA tables. This is still a pre-print, but at least we can see what haplogroups the Lombards carried. The admixtures for each sample...
  11. Maciamo

    My proposed tree of Indo-European languages

    Johane Derite posted a list of different phylogenetic trees of IE languages proposed by various linguists in another thread. I thought it would be an ideal opportunity for me to post my proposed phylogenetic tree, which I have not only based on linguistic evidence, but also on archaeological and...
  12. W

    23andMe Woman with a Y chromosome.

    I just read an interesting post on how 23andMe reported Y haplogroup analysis in the report of a person who always knew that she is a biological woman. Any thoughts about this? I was thinking about genetic mosaicism and androgen insensitivity syndrome.
  13. Maciamo

    Updated phylogenetic tree of E-V13

    I have updated and expanded the phylogenetic tree of haplogroup E-V13. I changed the layout to show when each clade developed in time so as to get a better idea of when the regional expansions happened. Many branches of the tree are still missing. There are few Greek, Italian, French and...
  14. Maciamo

    Indo-European migrations scenario for Civilization 4 (Bts)

    NB: The first post has been updated to take into account new versions of the mod and scenario. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have created two scenarios for the PC game Civilization IV (Beyond the Sword version) in which I attempt to...
  15. P

    Most Likely Periods of Entry of R1b-U152 into the British Isles

    I am a part of the Z36 branch of the R1b-U152 Y-Haplogroup, and I'm 99% certain that my paternal ancestry is British in nature. As U152's prevalence in the British Isles is markedly lower than that of S21's or L21's, I've grown curious at how exactly my paternal family would have gotten to...
  16. A

    Spanish/Iberian/Southwestern European genetic influence and haplogroups in Sicily?

    Hi all, as you can probably already tell, I'm a little surprised by my DNA results judging by my previous thread. None the less, I'm roughly speaking half Italian (Sicilian and Italian) and half 'American' (French) and Eastern European. Although my DNA results have shown that I'm mostly...
  17. A

    What to do with raw data .csv file from National Geographic Geno 2.0 test?

    Hi, I'm wondering what I should do with my raw data files for both my y haplogroup and mtDNA analysis respectively? How can I better find out exactly what haplogroup I belong to with the data I have at the moment? If you need me to better outline exactly what my .csv files look like, then it...
  18. A

    Hey could someone help me with that its for a school project

    So I know that Ancient greek haplogroups were J2 from Minoans and Cyclades and R1b from indoeuropean dorians . Did ancient greeks have big ammounts of other haplogroups too ? Do modern greeks have the same haplogroups ? Whats the difference between ancient and modern greeks ? And if Minoans and...
  19. J

    Y-DNA Haplogroup P-P295 , anyone else in this group?

    23andMe V5 assigned me this haplogroup P-P295. Uploaded Raw DNA Data to Wegene and was assigned just P. Ancestry is Filipino with very minute percentages of European and S. Asian
  20. Y

    Y-DNA distribution across Brazilian regions and an intriguingly high % of Y--DNA I

    I've just read this study (Male Lineages in Brazil: Intercontinental Admixture and Stratification of the European Background) on the distribution of male lineages of Brazilians and there is something that struck me as very intriguing and, I think, difficult to explain. They have a somewhat...