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    J2a-Z435 from BA collapse

    If you go to the J2 page on this site, you will learn that most of European J2 may have come from the Roman conquests. The thing is, it descends from a 'recent' clade appeared in historic times, but the subclade in question, Z435, is more recent and comprises a lot of the Euro J2. Concretely...
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    J2-M172 Y-DNA found among remnants of Napoleons army in Kassel, Germany.

    6 Y-DNA J2 Found in Napoleons Army! "The greatest similarities revealed by Y-haplogroup and haplotype distribution were to populations that live in what are now the Benelux countries or the Alsace, supporting the theory that the individuals indeed were part of Napoleonic troops." Das Leben in...
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    Hg J2 M172 middle/late neolithic Hungary. (Sopot & Lengyel Culture)

    "Three new haplogroups appeared at the turn of the Middle/ Late Neolithic in Transdanubia, the E1b1b1a1 (M78), the C (M216) and the J2 (M172). .... Haplogroup J2 (M172) has today its highest frequency in the Caucasus and Iraq (Mesopotamia), and in the geographic region of Levant. In early modern...
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    Late Bronze Age J2a1 found 1110-1270 B.C. Ludas-Varjú-dűlő, Hungary.

    Late Bronze Age J2a1 found 1110-1270 B.C. Ludas-Varjú-dűlő, Hungary. Kyjatice Culture. Individual BR2 Y-DNA J2a1. "The genomic stasis of the Neolithic is subsequently interrupted during the third millennium BC coinciding with the onset of the Bronze Age. Our two Bronze Age samples, BR1...
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    Roman Villa and Merovingian Graves. Borgharen Netherlands. (Y-DNA J2a1 and J2b)

    Roman villa and Merovingian gravefield Borgharen. (Maastricht) 2014 Study by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. (Y-DNA J2a1b & J2b 4-5th century) "In addition, we attempted to characterize the Y haplogroupfor all (possible) male individuals, including the previous study. This...
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    Is there anyone else in this forum mtDNA Haplogroup J2b1a?

    I am mtDNA Haplogroup J2b1a. I am finding there are not very many people that belong in this group. I wanted to discuss Haplogroup J2b1a. Is there anyone in this forum besides me who is mtDNA Haplogroup J2b1a? Please let me know if you are!! Thank you!
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    Haplogroup J2, Thracians, Illyrians, Phrygians, Vlachs and others.

    Haplogroup J2 and Thracians. "Cruciani et al.’s E-V13 and J2-M12 coalescence times bear a striking similarity to carbon-14-based date calculations for certain archaeological sites in the Maritsa river valley and its tributaries, near the city of Nova Zagora, Bulgaria (Nilolova, 2002). These...
  8. Maciamo

    Sultans of the Ottoman dynasty may have belonged to haplogroup R1a or J2

    I came across several Ysearch entries of potential member of the House of Osman descending patrilineally from Osman I, founder of the Ottoman Empire. Four haplotypes are identical and belong to haplogroup R1a1, all listing Ohran or Osman I as most distant known paternal ancestor. One of them...
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    Haplogroup J2, Greeks, Phoenicians and Mesopotamians.

    Haplgroup J2, Greeks and Phoenicians. "The ancient Greeks and Phoenicians were the main driving forces behind the spread of J2 around the western and southern Mediterranian." Eupedia.com, 2013. http://www.eupedia.com/europe/origins_haplogroups_europe.shtml "Thus the most likely explanation...
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    Haplogroup J2 and the spread of the Alphabet.

    The Abduction of Europa: mosaic, Byblos, 3rd century A.D . National Museum of Beirut Collection. According to the Greek legend Europa’s brother Cadmus went looking for his kidnapped sister who is depicted on the mosaic being whisked away on the back of Zeus disguised as a bull. The story goes...
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    J2 Civilisations and Bull Worship

    "There is a distinct association of ancient J2 civilisations with bull worship." Eupedia.com, 2011. http://www.eupedia.com/europe/Haplogroup_J2_Y-DNA.shtml "There is a distinct association of ancient J2 civilisations with bull worship. The oldest evidence of a cult of the bull can be traced...
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    Famous J2 Individuals

    Nick Donofrio - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Donofrio "Like many Americans, Nick Donofrio, IBM Executive Vice President, Innovation and Technology, knew his ancestors came from somewhere else. In his case, his grandparents came from Southern Italy to New York City. What he didn't know was...
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    Missing Link: Ancestral Mediterraneans

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    Haplogroup J2 M172 Quotes & Links

    "In human genetics, Haplogroup IJ is a human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup. Haplogroup IJ is a descendant branch of Haplogroup F-L15 which in turn derives from the greater Haplogroup F. Descendants are Haplogroup I and Haplogroup J." Haplogroup IJ. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup_IJ...
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    Haplogroup J2, Romans, Christianity and Viticulture

    Correlations between Haplogroup J2 M172, the Roman Empire, Christianity and Viticulture. Haplogroup J2 - Roman Empire. Haplogroup J2 - Spread of Christianity. Haplogroup J2 - Viticulture. Note! : Eupedia forum rule nr. 4. STAY ON TOPIC "Avoid posting messages that are out of context...
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    Cultural Anthropology of Haplogroup J2

    I would like to invite you all to have a look at this website, Cultural Anthropology of Haplogroup J2. Likes, responses, discussions are al welcome! https://www.facebook.com/cultural.anthropology.of.haplogroup.j2
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    Distribution of J2 subclades in Italy (Boattini et al.)

    Here is the breakdown of J2 subclades by province based on the recent study by Boattini et al.. North Italy In Cuneo, south-west Piedmont, 2 out of 30 samples are J2 (6.5%), both J2a*. In Savona/Genova, central Liguria, 7 out of 50 samples are J2 (14%), among which three J2a*, two J2a2-M67...