Classify Me/Where can I Pass


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Ethnic group
English, Scottish, Irish, French, German, Belgian
Y-DNA haplogroup
J2/J-M67/ J2a1b
mtDNA haplogroup
H/ H1/H1ao

I'd say a mix of Alpinid, Atlantid, and Nordic. Also where could I pass?
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Mostly Atlantid.
I don't see any Alpinid.
I am not good at this game, but I'd say you look like a Frenchman with a great Celtic inputs (Northwest regions of France).
At work the conversations eventually lead to people's heritage and I've asked a few to guess. I've heard guesses like Irish, Italian, Spanish
I took my ethnicities out of my bio so no one can cheat haha. If anyone is viewing this feel free to classify and guess my ethnicity/where I could pass.
French; or at least Northern Italian.
I get some Napoleon Bonaparte vibes. :)
French; or at least Northern Italian.
I get some Napoleon Bonaparte vibes. :)

sorry for you that you get that warmonger Napoleon
Different angle left side. I’m honestly a bit surprised by the French guesses.IMG_0626.jpeg
Any other opinions/guesses?
You are mixed enough concerning types- seemingly meso-dolichocephalic, meso-chamaepropose (rather relatively broad and low face) but more than a kind of gracilized 'croma' type you cold have some ties with the Coon's 'longbarrows type' (hyperdolicho but with arather broad face spite small compared to the skull), a type with 'croma'+ some 'easter-mediter' accretions, of middle to late Neolithic for the most in Britain (todate some weight among Welshmen) who showed on the NW Atlantic shores until Scandinavia in small proportions. I speak of ties but you are hard to define globally concerning every typologic element. Your subnasal prognathy is over the mean of most of types, it's rather a 'mediter' trait; your nose bridge is over the level one: some CHG/Iran???. I suppose you have brownish(green eyes or brownish dark grey eyes, and a rather fair skin (uneasy on pics)? ATW as a whole you could pass very well in France, West or not, it would have been my first guess if I didn't know your background. One of the mixes produced by Steppic people with different 'mediters' (here I don't take too much risk). Nothing of the typical "atlant-mediter' (long face) nor of the 'nordic', for the usefulness these descriptions could have. Amateur's guesses.
I haven’t seen any facial reconstruction of longbarrow people. I will say that my wisdom teeth are in. My eyes are dark brown.
the 'long-barrow' type (Coon's naming) was dolicho/hyperdolichocephalic, with a very long and low linear skull ridge, a not very receding forehead, a very small face, proportionally broad and low (short), with protuding lower jaw angles, quadrangular orbits higher in the external sides (like a lot of Paleo-Mesolithic people close to 'croma' forms), a rather narrow nose hole which lacks the sort of gap under the glabella that had paelo/Mesolithic people of West s a whole. Middle to high stature for the period (1m67/68).
Kind of stable mix between a 'croma'like form and some kind of 'mediter', surely not of the 'danubian' type so common among first farmer. Some eastern 'mediter' came by sea at some stage of history??? some "familial" group of Cardial people?

Concerning your eyes, I'm surprised! Even if pics are not too reliable (more or less light in eyes) I should have bet they were not so dark as you say. And your skin?
IMG_1635.jpgIMG_1611.jpegIMG_1612.jpegI have a farmers tan although it’s gotten lighter because I haven’t been out in the sun as much as earlier this year. But face is paler because I wear a hat and use more sunscreen on the face. I’d say on the paler side not as pale as red heads though. Photos are weird different face width by different angles.
I think you "Look North American" in a brunette Scots/Scots-Irish or Welsh sense.
I think you "Look North American" in a brunette Scots/Scots-Irish or Welsh sense.

Ah so you've seen my phenotype walking around in Scotland?
So far it’s been French, Scots-Irish, and North Italian. Anyone else want to have a guess before I reveal?

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