Did you know that Kurds(Kurdish PeoPle) are Europeans?

Yes, I know they have Anatolian Neolithic, indo Euro and Iran neo genes, but what confuses me still is their overlap with people who have a lot more Anatolian neo genes (Spanish, Italian), than they do. This goes for the Lebanese who plot close to them as well. I would expect their levant Neolithic genes plus their Iran neo genes to pull them further away. I know there's Iran admixture in Europe, it came with the indo Europeans as well as later migrations from the Middle East but levantines/Caucasians have a lot more (as well as a lot more Neolithic Levant). I still don't get why certain levantines/caucasians plot where they do.

Just a footnote: I'm not "agenda" driven. The idea of caucasians/levantines plotting close to Europeans does not offend or disturb me in any way possible (I know for sure I would score high Caucasus in various tests, im a-ok with that). I'm just asking for clarification. Thank you.

They don't overlap: they're close to each other. They obviously don't appear this close on the West Eurasian PCAs you're used to seeing. When all the world's populations are on a PCA you can see how similar the West Eurasians are to one another, with the Armenians and Caucasus groups particularly close to Europeans. I think Arabian Peninsular alleles, perhaps more heavily "Basal" and SSA pull away some of the other "Middle Eastern" groups. Ironside is writing about it on another thread.

Imagine if you could look at it through a higher resolution lens. The triangle at the top would open up.

You might want to do some reading on PCAs and how they work.

Remember, too, that they only capture two dimensions. If you want to see all the dimensions there are programs which do that, and you'll see the samples coming in close and then pulling away.
Please stop this west asian or european discussion for this region is EURASIA geneticaly and do your political discussions somewhere else!
IMO if we minus Natufian admixture then Turkey, Levant is completely European.
1. Is there any information about the origin of the Kurds with haplogroup J2b?

Could they be related to the Indo-Aryan superstrate in Mitanni?
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How ancient is haplogroup J2b among Kurds?

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