Which country will be next EU member?

I always talked to Albanians that they are unrealistic, in good faith. They have their state (Albania), they want second state (Kosovo which is not recognized in UN, Kosovo is Serbian province), and they want parts of Greece, Upper Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. With population less than 4,5 million people, and with the decline population in Albania.

They have names for their new "states": Kosovo, Illyrida (in the West of Upper Macedonia), Chamuria (in the North of Greece) and Malesia (in the South-East of Montenegro), etc.

I always give them example of the Kurds, nation over 30 million people, who do not have their own country (for now).

In the debate with Albanians I present them a contradiction.

They're pushing for Kosovo, Illyrida, Malesia and Chamuria as new Albanian states but they do not give the right to the Kurds to have a state, even they do not give the right for Kurdish autonomy in Turkey!

How can a small number of Albanians have the right to two, three, or more countries but Kurds (who are much larger nation), according to Albanians have no right for one own state?

Certainly in the case of Serbia has violated international law, but things will come into place, and Serbia will regain sovereignty over its entire teritory.

Albanians have their own state, and it is Albania.

On the other hand probably a day comes when Kurds will enter into the global community of nations with their own state, Kurdistan.
:embarassed: I would love to see that day if Serbia try's to. This time Albanians in kosova have military I will also join if the time comes. Kosova is always Albanian land.

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