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One Family One World DNA Project

The One Family One World Project is a partnership between Living DNA and Eupedia initiated in 2017. The project aims to map the regional genetic variations of the world with a great level of detail and accuracy in order to improve our understanding of both recent and ancient migrations and see how humans are all connected with one another as one big family.

The DNA Projects



How do I qualify?

The One Family project is open to everyone worldwide and has two parts.

  • 1. To build a genetic family tree of everyone from around the world, regardless of where your family comes from.

  • 2. To build a regional genetic breakdown of ancestry within countries, similar to 'The Peopling of the British Isles project'. This part of the project is looking for people with all four grandparents born within 80km (50mi) of each other inside our project areas of interest.

You can join by uploading your genome for free if you already tested it with Living DNA or another company (23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, or FTDNA's Family Finder). If you qualify for the second part of the project and don't have DNA results to upload for free, then you will receive a special discount on a Living DNA test should you wish to take part.

You can join the One Family One World Project here.

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