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Thread: Stable population structure in Europe since the Iron Age

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    Y-DNA haplogroup
    Rare e-fgc7391 972AD
    MtDNA haplogroup

    Country: Uruguay

    The e-m84 case from bronze age
    Armenia is as expected fall on e-pf6751 branch

    (Like the late- chl anatolian and syrian bronze age remains and even hazor remain e-pf6751 is a very succesfull branch of e-m84)

    R11675; 1491-1324 BC; Beniamin, Armenia; E-M84>S11387>CTS5265>Y5427>PF6751>Y6186>FT278388* (xFT276527)

    This most downstream branch was found in indian scientific sample back in the day
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    Direct paternal line : mizrahi from damascus
    Ftdna path
    E-M96>CTS9083>P147>P177>M215>M35>Z827>CTS10298>PF196 2>M123>M34>L795>S11835>S12033>S11956>S11168>S10483 >BY96055

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