Updated phylogenetic tree of E-V13

the data available points to Indo-European origin of e v13. Read Maciamo what he has to say about this haplo. What makes you think E-V13 WAS AN ELITE? No such evidence! Wishes is a different matter! the earliest haplogroups are I and long after it haplogroup G

What do you mean by indo european exactly? What age are you talking about here? The ancestor of v13 was mediterranean z1919 according to your chart. I don't think these charts are reliable anyway, there isn't enough data, there is a jump from mediterranean to scotland/northern europe for v13 and then much later back down to balkans. The most sensible part of that chart is the movement from croatia to albania, a region dominated by ilyrians

The best data we have is current data which shows v13 being strong in balkans with a steady spread throughout Europe in particular regions the romans conquered, almost nonexistent in Africa or Asia

Oldest doesn't mean elite, I said elite balkan race because they pushed others out and prolonged their stay, made the place their own. Where is proof that g is even European or that it is an elite race when it doesn't have any strong points anywhere in Europe?
I think E-V13 spread about 8000 years ago via maritime route to Southern Italy and from there to Dalmatia as part of Cardial Impresso culture.
This is of course with Thracian being newer arrival, which I think is quite likely, might be same with the Illyrian.
Some V13 clades such as CTS9320 which originate in Eastern Balkans (maybe Carpathians) likely backstabbed the others and spread the new Thracian language around
I'm think this logic too ! One question why is not this CTS9320 related with Romania (Dacia) in this chart, and the only clade for this country is waaaaay too recent (A7065) of classic antiquity ?
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A visualization of some notable recent and ancient E-V13's

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The native Balkan population (excluding Greeks), Albanians and Vlachs, did face population bottlenecks. That much is a fact. Based on evidence it is pretty clear that this bottleneck happened some time during the Slavic migrations. Don't see how this is a "strange coincidence", it's kinda expected. With this logic you could argue that clearly Albanian clades such as J-PH1751 and R-Z2705 are a result of Slavic migration, something which hold no water.

Nothing is a coincidence in this world, he just hides the fact, and doesn't like the obvious. This is the reason of the bottleneck much probably.

The plague pandemic in 541–543 and successive outbreaks of the disease till the latter half of the 8th century caused a deep demographic crisis in the Eastern Roman Empire. The most important effects of the plague were a shortage of manpower and a growing importance of marginal barbarian populations, which had suffered less or not at all from the disease. Demographic, political and economic consequences of the pandemic likely caused or at least facilitated Slavic expansion in the Balkans between the 6th and 8th century. The Slavs began to raid intensively and then settle the European provinces of the Roman Empire soon after the first outbreak of the plague and available textual evidence suggests that this region was depopulated by the disease and neglected by the government. During the 7th century, the Empire’s administration and economy collapsed due to the effects of the plague and the existing system of land taxation and central provisioning of professional armies must have been replaced by regional organization of territorial troops recruited from free peasant farmers. In the new circumstances, the Slavs, who had in the meantime re-populated the Balkans, constituted an abundant source of manpower for a restored Empire.


Indeed, not a coincidence i would say.
E-V13 Majorca

There will be new subclades of E-V13 from the island of Majorca, there are several families that are E-V13 from different subclades. It will be seen in YFull that they will be gradually included in the YFull YTree.
hello, I come from Lower Salento by more generations for part of my mother and my father. The lineage of the father of my mother is R1b-U152, while my lineage tested with Yseq is the follow:
Quick results summary:
E1b-V13 Panel
Z5017 G-
Z5018 G-
CTS5856 A+
V13 A+
Y16729 A-
S3003 C-
Z16663 T-
S7461 C+
Z40644 C-
BY5026 A+
Y84162 G-

Most specific position on the YFull YTree is E-BY5026
On the YFull there is another man from Lecce with E-BY5026

I am thinking of the possibility that Oscans/Samnites might have carried some E-V13 with them. In case of Italy, i am not too sure about E-V13.
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On the YFull there is another man from Lecce with E-BY5026

Hi, I am the guy you are talking about! I am from Foggia, but the oldest direct male ancestor I have found, was born in Melendugno in 2nd half of 16th century.
E-Y33577 is a lineage that has been confirmed since the fourteenth century on the island of Mallorca. We are investigating with documents and Y-DNA samples. It can be seen that the new sample remains in the sub-branch. It is not a Sephardic branch.

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