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Genes and mutations associated with addictions and substance dependence

If you tested your DNA with a personal genomics service like 23andMe, DeCODEme, FTDNA's Family Finder or another testing company, you can learn more about your risk factors for hundreds of diseases. Many of these SNP's are tested but not (yet) part of the report provided by personal genomics companies. This is free extra information.

We recommend that you install the SNPTips add-on for Mozilla Firefox to browse these pages. It allows you to upload your DNA results in the browser and show instantly which allele variant you have for each of the SNP listed below.

What can DNA tell you about yourself ?

List of genetically determined addictions and substance dependence with their associated genes and SNP's

Alleles : This list comprises positive, neutral and negative traits and conditions. Therefore we won't refer to risk factor like for diseases here. Correlated alleles can be either strongly associated (over 3x higher chances) or moderately associated (up to 3x higher chances) with each condition/trait.

In some cases the allele can be negatively correlated (lower chances). Depending on the testing company, sometimes A is reported as T, and G is reported as C, or vice-versa.

Testing companies :
A = 23andMe
(all versions) ; A2* = 23andMe (v2 only) ; A2 = 23andMe (v2 & v3) ; A3 = 23andMe (v3 only)
B = DeCODEme
Bold letters indicate that the SNP is part of the official report, and is therefore likely to be more reliable. Only SNP's in the official report are listed for deCODEme.

Description Chromosome Gene SNP Alleles Tested by*
Addictive behaviours (gambling, alcoholism, smoking...) 11 ANKK1 rs1800497 AA, AG, GG A
Alcoholism (alcohol cravings) 6 OPRM1 rs1799971 AA, AG, GG A
Alcoholism (alcohol dependence) 4 GABRA2 rs279858 AA, AG, GG A
rs279871 AA, AG, GG A
rs279845 AA, AT, TT A
rs279836 AA, AT, TT A
Alcoholism (withdrawal seizures) 5 SLC6A3 rs27072 CC, CT, TT A
rs27048 CC, CT, TT A
Alcoholism (other) 3 GHSR rs2232165 CC, CT, TT A3
rs2948694 AA, AG, GG A3
11 DRD2 rs1076560 AA, AC, CC A
11 ANKK1 rs1800497 AA, AG, GG A
17 SERT (5HTT) rs1042173 AA, AC, CC A
Cannabis dependence 6 intergenic rs806380 AA, AG, GG A
Cocaine dependence A OPRD1 rs12749204 AA, AG, GG A
15 CHRNA5 rs16969968 AA, AG, GG A
20 intergenic rs910080 A
rs910079 A3
rs2235749 A
22 COMT rs4680 AA, AG, GG A
Cocaine-induced paranoia 6 intergenic rs12333032 CC, CT, TT A
6 MANEA rs9387522 AA, AC, CC A3
Gambling addiction X MAOA
Heroin addiction 6 OPRM1 rs1799971 AA, AG, GG A
11 TPH1 rs1799913 GG, GT, TT A
12 TPH2 rs7963720 CC, CT, TT A3
rs4290270 AA, AT, TT A3
Nicotine dependence
(tobacco addiction)
B CHRND rs3791729 AA, AG, GG A
rs2767 AA, AG, GG A3
rs2276560 A3
rs6749955 GG, GT, TT A
8 CHRNA6 rs2304297 A3;
8 CHRNB3 rs4952 A3
rs6474413 CC, CT, TT A3
rs10958726 GG, GT, TT A3
9 GABBR2 rs1435252 AA, AG, GG A
rs3780422 AA, AG, GG A
rs2779562 CC, CT, TT A
rs3750344 CC, CT, TT A
11 DRD2 rs4648317 CC, CT, TT A
15 CHRNA3 rs1051730 CC, CT, TT A
rs3743078 A3
rs578776 AA, AG, GG A
15 CHRNA5 rs16969968 AA, AG, GG A
rs684513 A3
rs637137 A3
CHRNB4 rs3813567 A3
20 CHRNA4 rs2273504 AA, AG, GG A
rs1044396 AA, AG, GG A
rs1044397 CC, CT, TT A
rs2236196 AA, AG, GG A

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